The Malcontents

by No Museums

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“No Museums sound restless and in transition...the acoustic bent of their latest is miles from the fuzzy, shoegaze-inspired sound that’s become their calling card. The exquisitely gorgeous 'Land On The Return' evokes comparisons to The Boo Radleys, another band that expertly merged guitar distortion with acoustic pop. There’s swirling strings and loose tendrils of melody curling through the album closer, compelling the listener to press repeat...The Malcontents shifts and fidgets its way through an internal rebellion, stretching and loosening up to allow No Museums room to breathe and grow."
Quick Before It Melts, May 2015

"a lo-fi bedroom folk record meshed with the shadows of shoegaze...a pretty stripped down affair, but there’s these little experimental elements that push the songs over the edge. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be one of the best albums no one hears"
Austin Town Hall, April 2015

"...Lyrically, they’ve always had a dark slant but now they have gotten downright grim (consider 'The Country Block' where we are placed inside the mind of a coldblooded killer). However, unlike fellow Albertan Chad Vangaalen, their music never really sounds that grim on the surface – in fact, it can even be upbeat. Although they occasionally sound like early REM ('Land on the Return') and even Nirvana ('This Is a Freight Train') No Museums have reached the point where they really resemble no one, producing as they do a sound that is both contemporary and timeless..."
Ride The Tempo, April 2015

#20 CJSW Calgary, September 29, 2015
#13 CFBX Kamloops, June 2, 2015
#28 CJSF Burnaby, May 19, 2015
#10 CHUO Ottawa, May 5, 2015
#22 CFMH Saint John, April 21, 2015
#18 CJAM Windsor, April 21, 2015
#21 CKDU Halifax, April 21, 2015
#23 CJSR Edmonton, April 14, 2015


released April 1, 2015

Recorded November 2014 - January 2015 by No Museums



all rights reserved


No Museums Edmonton, Alberta

A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities. ... more

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Track Name: The Burnt Heart Decay
The landing caught me
Only stars and a broken railing
The night flashed slowly
And then turned away
I will haunt, I'll return to you
Campfire, torch lamp, hands
A mind of gold, a mind of warmth
Has turned away
The burnt heart decay

Blazed in red, I'm rusting blood
Autumn climbs in a lower sky
It was a black and frightening trip
I turn away
The burnt heart decay
Track Name: The Medical Flyers
The medical flyers are down
A city sick
Of time to write a line which only ever breaks
Why can't you raise the flag?
The local birds are leaving
The lower ground
Rounds are positioning themselves to only ever break
Why can't the tiny arrows wait?

The medical flyers are down
Point the arrows, point the arrows away

Sinking the hospital ships
Fuck your captain
It's time for redesigning all of the shit
Why can't you ever see past it?

The medical flyers are down
Point your arrows, point your arrows at me
The horrible silence of sound
Drop the heartbeat, soften the murmurings

It's time for that death defying look
Why can't you ever see past it?
Track Name: Mosquitoes
I tried to be hi-fi
I traveled through gold sounds
Came out from the lowland
Buzzed down like mosquitoes
I'm not the one I'm thinking about
I know to myself it's okay
I'd settle for something
That could take me away
I've tried all the stations
They fuzzed out like an old train
This evening silhouettes campfires
I'm miles from there so it's okay

I'm miles over sharpening airplanes
I'm coasting on frozen dials
The land I was charting slowly
Ended up drawing its own lines

I waited for something
The shuttle sped over mountains
I'd only slept for two hours
A shallow hand like a fade out
Sometimes I'd like to feel alright
And I know that you would say it's okay

And it felt like mosquitoes
Track Name: This Is A Freight Train
This is a freight train
This is a port town
This is a freight train
This is industry wearing me down
Track Name: While I'm Still Warm
While I'm still warm
Aboard radio planes
Before I was shot down
The clouds filtered the sounds
While I'm still warm
Lying in hospital halls
No more hanging over the house
No more waiting for me on the shore

I need a favour
I still haven't seen your ghost
The engine disappeared when I needed it most
And I cannot see anything but smoke from here

While I'm still warm
Beneath frozen hands
No more watching for black of the land
No more waiting for me on the shore

I say burn their hearts
And break them again
Track Name: Lighthouses
You can have my camera
The hotel looks like a silo
You can play piano
As low as the notes I don't know

Back when the lighthouses were manned
Back when the streets were lined with trams
Track Name: It Never Snows Around Here
We're drifting and we're not talking
A quiet navigation
I don't hear what you're thinking
The sea is as low as me
It never snows around here
It never snows out at sea

Across the western ocean
The distance where everything happens
The maps are never changing
The sea is as high as me
It never snows around here
It never snows out at sea

I'm only building ships out of time
And losing the length of the line
I'm only foreign to the falling leaves
And silent as the longer sleeves

We're sinking as we're aging
The sea is as slow as me
It never snows around here
It never snows out at sea
Track Name: The Country Block
The work it never ends
The coast just continues to bend
The workers never break
I'm shooting the man inside the country block

And once I had a thought
I'd open up the boats from all the locks
And lose myself in the scene
I've been meaning to move away from the country block

Drag the boys into the ground
Hang the girls from trees
The work it never seems to end
The work they never ask of me

Old books, tender hooks
The messages were sent and lost
A landscape removed
From the warmth of the country block
Track Name: Land On The Return
The winter hawks and me
We're not falling again
We're closing the bridge and the old academy
It all murmurs and delays
Take flight over lowways
And land on the return

The knives are out and they're mine
The mines are warm and full of knives
It all murmurs and delays
Take time or take away
And land on the return

I wrote about a life on the range
Stole the horses before they were tamed

It disappears from me
We're not falling again
We're closing the store and the old academy
It all murmurs and delays
Take flight over lowways
And land on the return