There's Always An End (The Refraction Loop)

by No Museums

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Are you born with this, did it burn your hand Did the hope of leaving never land Where was the heart, was it a broken house Was it a thought of missing someone else? And the surgery never left Are you bored with this, does it still attack Does the thought of me still take you back Where was the heart, was it a city dark Was it falling bricks and forgotten parts? And the surgery never left And the films we played never left And the hands we held never left And the hearts we burned never left
After the runway, under the fuel blue burning jets I won't forget you In the terminal of architecture I'll forget you I'll forget you next to the snowmobiles and motorbikes And now loose-leaf flyers Have escaped from the motorbike rider's shaking hand Stand still when the airplanes land After the runway curves and hits the sea Will you wait with the luggage for me Will you wait even though I'll forget you on the next outgoing flight? My simple plan of truth never comes through It was three minutes from departure I stood in front of the airport cameras A final moment for you Under the white light humming tubes In the office of security Your last photograph of me even though I'll forget you
No ghosts, no hearts, no words No reason for the things we heard And nothing will let us be seen Light fires in the dark Turn the ships away from land And burn all the folk The ones who turned up their coats In a town like this you never spoke to anyone A morning folds awake You're still holding up And your hands still won't let go I try to shake it off I choke on thoughts and cough Are we really the only ones left in town? The sinking ships still slightly smoke In a town like this you never spoke to anyone
I will stay at the machine Will you wait for me? I'm full up on centuries The strangest house I've ever seen What do they mean?
Bungalows 02:49
Design my travel, a deathcar destination still unknown The operation shows a broken arm and broken road And stay out late The airplanes need to know which way to go And take a hint Photograph me and I'll never ask for more And soon the time will stay still like the summer Like radio and soft bungalows Sight the hotel, we've been hoping that it is still there And drink all through the day I'll be ruining myself this way, and I can't wait I don't need to know which way to go And take a hint I'll be someone else this way.
It's time to study, beneath the flashlight Beneath the horrors of your town Describe the furnace, shaking hands that warm us The perimeter won't tighten anymore It's mine to race it, shaking hands unsteady The perimeter won't tighten anymore
A finger like a flag, a moth beyond the mesh of summer days Now winter in the throat, a dark and heavy coat of golden grey A furnace in the dark, a murmur in the heart of early night This train it must move on Throwing arrows at the friends who are running late And we always froze as we turned to go It's warm inside the winter hive You said, "The year is gone, it always ends before too long like warmest hands" A finger like a flag, drawing lines across the snow of softest homes.
A version, an album slows A soft light, a winter coat And I'm cold Rust on a different shore Left patterns where we used to float And I'm cold And faster than lanterns And lovelier than knives Are there ghosts in my ear Are they even here? Summer ended an hour ago Keep the fire from the tent
Hang around the streets with the crows It happened once before, it's long across the lake The long effects, the sheets of sound And the way you frame a shot Hang around the leaves as they turn It never snows around here, it's long across the lake The last word written, the ghosts of writing And the echo of this hand.
This will be the last time for me I haven't a need to be there for me There is no good There is no harm There is only a waste of time


There's Always An End (The Refraction Loop) is the album There's Always An End (And Always Another) re-recorded.

The songs were stripped of all instrumentation except the drums and vocals, and then rebuilt/re-recorded again into something new but familiar. Acoustic guitars fill the spaces where once there were electrics. The bass got fuzzy. The endless loop is completed. The closed circuit opens up.

"We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever" -Carl Sagan


released July 1, 2021

All songs written by No Museums.
Drums and vocals recorded December 2020-February 2021
Other instruments recorded May-June 2021


all rights reserved



No Museums Edmonton, Alberta

No Museums: A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. 

Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of The Fall, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities.
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