The Drifting Knives

by No Museums

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"No Museums might be one of my favorite bands that not many of you know about…at least not yet. The Edmonton project has been running for sometime, consistently releasing these great pop gems that are destined for repeat consumption"
Austin Town Hall, October 2016

"No Museums (formerly Twin Library) is fortunately as prolific as he is elusive. Here is a new one from his second full album this year. 'Films That I’ve Seen' has all the earmarks of a fine No Museums song; indie folk stylings, understated background accompaniment and complex lyrics. Another charmer."
Ride The Tempo, October 2016

#10 CICK Smithers, March 14, 2017
#23 CFMH Saint John, February 21, 2017
#27 CFBX Kamloops, January 31 2017
#22 CJSR Edmonton, December 13 2016


released October 21, 2016



all rights reserved


No Museums Edmonton, Alberta

A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities. ... more

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Track Name: Attic
I tell you stories to keep you strong
I do what I can
I listen for your footsteps in the words
I do what I can

So come on up, attic language. poetic denizens
Rafters and flashlights, ladders creaking
Cobwebs whispering out novels

I use a trapdoor for my writing
I do what I can
Track Name: The High Divers
The high divers
In time returning to the cold
We aren't smoking here anymore
The slow drivers
A line, a ribbon, a line, a burn
We aren't looking for anything else

In white noise and white snow
Exploring the airshow
Exploding the skulls and diving low

The long timers
Thinking again and sinking our bones
We aren't smoking here anymore
Track Name: The Months
The old chalk horses don't come around anymore
We sold some houses up in the hills
And we keep on closing down
The ghosts keep on singing the low notes
Abandoned and softened in time
And we keep on closing down

The months we have filed and the months we have filed
Still circling back to the times we were wild
When we finally decided to leave
The times we have smiled with mouths open wide
Yet still holding back to the times left behind
This time I'm ready to leave

The hooded birds out on the coast
Have stood for years out on the coast
And we keep on closing down
Track Name: Films That I've Seen
The drift of the knives into the head
I'm drawing a line on a film
And moving them back into a fade
The red ribbons track the stain

The films that I've seen in the dark
They still mean a lot
Though I can't bleed a lot
The ghosts that i've seen in your room
They still feel a lot
Though I can't breathe a lot

The station here is never warm
The motion keeps dragging me out
The traps are tight and low
The red ribbons track the snow

The films that I've seen in the dark
They still mean a lot
Though I don't bleed a lot
The books that I wrote in your room
They still feel a lot
Though I don't read a lot
Track Name: Did You Land Your Mark Upon The Sun?
Did you ever travel over time
Beneath the wires and crows
Through knives and clocks too slow
Did you think of me long ago?

Did you ride about on bicycles
And write of autumn's weaponry
Like stones are thrown in hollow streams
Did you think I'd soon be gone?

Did you try so hard and think too hard
About which road to drive
As you raced through the library
Did you think I'd let you know?

Did you land your mark upon the sun
Did you sing a song called "Chosen one"
Did you know I'm feeling cold
Did you think of me long ago?
Track Name: No Reason To Send Letters
Raised by wolves and the birds
Is this your awful truth, are you hard to beat?
I've sabotaged your last design
That one moment, was it a waste of time?

There's no flashlight of mine
No station down the line
No trading posts or wine
No reason to send letters

Your arctic hands are warming up
Heavy rivers flood, are you out of sight?
This subtle change unsettles us
We used to think of you, were you thinking too?
Track Name: The Hospital
The softest skull falls into the hive
I'm landing and loading with all of my weight
I tried breaking into the hospital
With a sparrow and my teeth

They lost the pilot, lost the ship
They were marked as targets but never hit
I tried breaking into the hospital
With an arrow and a leaf

I'm drawing maps and sparrow traps
The ghosts in your room won't be the last
I tried breaking into the hospital
Track Name: Seventeen Stains
And not the dust that lands on her hands
We watch the snow covering her face
The sisters are lost and speaking slow
The captain and the comet start to smoke

And it's time for us to go

And they will never really let you be
Never change your room or let you sleep
Those seventeen stains on your windowpane
Seventeen times to mark the vein

And it's time for us to slow

In summertime you change your name to Heather
Sometimes I think I'd like to stay like this forever

And the ships that lost their bearings out at sea
The thoughts so hard of hearing to me
Their anchors failed to keep them still
Seventeen stains on the windowsill
Track Name: Not If You're Lost
You ask if it's hard
Out here on the farm
I say "Not if you're lost
Open arms and all"

And you ask if it's hard
And I say "Not if you're lost"

I could break your hazel eyes
And your writing arm
Out here we are warm
Hopeless times and all

And the old maps and the cold hands in a closed store
The leg traps, the last stand, you never asked "What for?"

I'm throwing those long flags
Over northern flights
And harbouring the gold
Hopeless lights and all
Track Name: Flight
Flight to the coast that I once knew
Death to the ones below
Time is losing all its speed
Yet the ages never slow

Slight curved is this line we've drawn
Death fucks me up again
Pulled into the black of sound
But I remember all I know
And I remember I used to travel over time

Lights trace motions like I dream
Death shines silver and cold
Leave me to cruise on endlessly
Yet the ages never slow
And I remember I haven't changed at all in all my time

"Fight the corpse" I once was told
Death to the ones I know
My life is longer than it seems
And I remember all I know
And I remember I used to travel over time