The Artifact Is Nothing

by No Museums

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"A succinct showcase of eclecticism that proves No Museums can swiftly get to the core of quality songwriting...through an arsenal of tasteful influences, noise experimentation and intriguing, malleable lyrics, The Artifact Is Nothing once again positions No Museums as a deceivingly flexible outfit with a knack for the accessible and consistently inviting"
Dominionated, June 2019


released May 22, 2019

Written and recorded by No Museums
Mastered by Todd Tobias at Waterloo Sound, Brecksville, Ohio


all rights reserved



No Museums Edmonton, Alberta

A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities. ... more

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Track Name: We Took Out Our Motorbikes
And in the end we took out our motorbikes
And the history we were asked to write
The future jets with flags overhead
They never listened to all the words we meant, just the words we said

And I could write another book
That wouldn't hurt as much
The bleeding just might stop

And in the last hour of extra time
I think I found all the length to hang
Tonight we swing
Track Name: The Mail Train
I'm clearing snow off the tracks
I'm writing letters back home
Do the boys ever notice
How long you've been alone?
The station seems so far back
I'm nothing but a mountain range
I'm nothing but a broken promise
I'm nothing but a worried mind

There'll be no mail train this year

This valley used to have a clear path
The engine used to have some coal
I take warmth in the ashes
And the men who still have hope
I haven't spoken since the first snow
I haven't finished writing to you
Haven't lost track of lost time
I haven't told you the truth
Track Name: Fangs That Once Were Teeth
A special airplane recovers
Records lost at sea
From the other side
Fangs that once were teeth
Another highway frozen
The passengers fall asleep
The hidden camera is showing
That all I do is leave

We never reach the mountains
We never believe
And I am drawn towards what I've always wanted to be

Golden grey and black lights
Camping on the sea
Ghost hearts murmur
Words that mean nothing to me

And only sometimes will a trail of old friends start to form
Only sometimes when I'm really worn out will you ever let me be

A secret hand discovers
The longer sleeves
Are you listening
To fangs that once were teeth?
Track Name: The Frost Returned
They photographed the house we roamed about
Across the parking lot and the frost returned
The abandoned words we once wrote about
We lost the throat to shout and the frost returned

I'm locked inside and loaded right
Thoughts are folded tight and the frost returned
There's room for more but the heavy door
Doesn't open like it did before
Track Name: Land Speed Record
The land speed record was lost in the drive to the coast
All of the readers were tossed while heading to the poles

I've got the map out and arrows to mark out

I've sent the last words signalling flags
I've spent the days just waving them back

Arrows return, direction is wrong, and far too long
Track Name: Softly Away
Speed away and catch the stillness, softly torn away
The broken hand is shaking slightly underneath the weight
They'll find you again

They'll find a way, slowly away, to you
They'll find a way, softly away, to you

Lost without the occupation, the flag turned white today
The finest fights are long behind you, how long we had to wait
To find you again

And they all watched the snow while the movie played
The girls open fire on the old brigade
The lines began to fade on the ranger's display
So softly they shot and softly they stayed
Track Name: Did You Land Your Mark Upon The Sun?
Did you ever travel over time, beneath the wires and crows
Through knives and clocks too slow
Did you think of me long ago?
Did you ride about on bicycles and write of autumn's weaponry
Like stones are thrown in heavy streams
Did you think I'd soon be gone?

Did you try so hard and think too hard
About which road to drive
As you raced through the library
Did you think I'd let you know?
Did you land your mark upon the sun
Did you sing a song called chosen one
Did you know I'm feeling cold
Did you think of me long ago?
Track Name: The Artifact Is Nothing
The artifact is nothing
The monument's not standing
The accolade's defeated
And the structure ain't completed
The treasure's turned to dust
The cave of gold is cursed
The valley's filled with rot
And the spring has suffered drought
The etching's lines are blurred
The fortune was never heard
This space is still for rent
And the evil won't repent
The bruise still gathers blood
The village sank with flood
This life is short and rough
And the art ain't art enough

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