The Abandoned Reel

by Twin Library

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    An album of sorts and buzzing strings
    Weeping chords and awful things.
    It's been lost and it's been found
    It's been a sweet and dreadful sound.

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"When I was first introduced to Twin Library it was through their short release, Softer Seasons. A charming collection of gritty, lo-fi folk-pop songs, Softer Season had a lightness to it despite the heavy sound. Where The Abandoned Reel has the same lo-fi folky sound, the lightness, for the most part, has been replaced by more melancholic tunes.

A whooping fourteen-song offering, The Abandoned Reel is just another notch in the extensive back-catalogue of Twin Library, continuing to seem almost effortless for this Edmonton band to make simple but worthy songs.

'The Dark Ships' begins The Abandoned Reel off with one minute and forty-six seconds of the more reckless side of Twin Library. Filled with distortion in a more rock outing, 'The Dark Ships' perfectly sets the tone for the darkness of the album.

'I See You’ve Got Horses' and 'A Country Heart' which both have lyrical nods to country life, also have heavily sombre tones. 'I See You’ve Got Horses' has a thundering percussion section while 'A Country Heart' has a lulling picked-guitar part and the addition of a violin in the chorus, allowing both songs to be able to fit in the album nicely.

But it’s not all gloom in The Abandoned Reel. Despite the minimalistic recording, one of the things that I think is so great about Twin Library is their ability to write a short and sweet folk-pop song. 'Has my drinking improved since I last saw you?' the opening line from 'A Great Song,' a title which speaks the truth, asks. 'When I First Heard The Train' and 'Nighthawk USA' are more of the same short but poppy gems.

'Archives' is one of the more multi-faceted songs from the album including several guitar parts overlapping for a very warm sound. Speaking to a past love, the story behind the lyrics make them the strongest from The Abandoned Reel.

Twin Library’s continual ability to generate lo-fi folk pop songs is impressive to say the least, and The Abandoned Reel is another addition to the already good collection."
Grayowl Point, May 2012

"Given that this Edmonton-based band has been releasing music non-stop over the past four years, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to fans that Twin Library has released yet another album titled The Abandoned Reel this past March.

This music-making-machine of a band has released four albums since 2010 as well as a string of other albums between 2008 and 2010 under the name The Public Library, and their tunes have been praised by the likes of Discorder Magazine and Quick Before it Melts.

Apparently The Abandoned Reel contains some tracks which have been re-recorded, while other tracks were discovered in boxes and transferred directly from a four-track cassette.

With a mixture of garage rock and folk, combined with haunting tribal beats and introspective lyrics, this album is bound to be on any music lover’s iPod playlist this summer."
Rex Manning Day, June 2012

"There’s a certain connotation that comes with a title like The Abandoned Reel, that the collection of songs therein are fragments, half-finished ideas that get ditched before they end up in the ditch. Edmonton’s Twin Library smash that notion swiftly within the first few seconds of their new album. While some of the songs are just short blasts of garage folk (that’s what I’m gonna call call it) less than two minutes long, there’s a deep well of experimentation and ideas within each, never sounding rushed or incomplete...some are new songs, written and recorded for the album, alongside older songs that have been given a new lease on life, but there’s not a cut-and-paste feel, like they’ve tried to stitch things together to make a whole. The Abandoned Reel is the real deal, and Twin Library have dealt us a winning hand in it. For anyone who like their fi set lo and their pop loose and jangly, pick up Twin Library’s latest and give it a good home."
Quick Before It Melts, May 2012

"Luckily, Twin Library have a penchant for creating minimally recorded, hastily released indie rock. The fact that the band have put out a whopping eight albums (with the first four recorded as the Public Library) since 2008 has allowed these Edmontonians to properly find their identity and sharpen their craft. The all-in method of lo-fi recording, often employed by Guided by Voices, Jim Guthrie and Eric's Trip, has benefitted Twin Library's latest, The Abandoned Reel, vastly. Over 14 intimate and sombre recordings, tracks like fuzzed-out strummer 'The Dark Ships' and the haunted, 4AD-like 'A Country Heart' feel organic and sincere despite the obvious genre nods. As the brittle melody and chorus-aided violin of 'Snow' clashes with the too-high-in-the-mix tambourine of 'It Means So Little to Me,' it's the mood of The Abandoned Reel that allows such clangers to come off as character builders. On their eighth try, Twin Library have managed to deliver a uniform feel, floating like a butterfly, stinging like a butterfly.
Exclaim! April 2012

"The psych-experirockers have a great sound, deep and soulful, twinging towards darkness from time to time. You should definitely have this in your collection, regardless of where you’re from."
New Music Michael, April 2012

"Canadian garage folk band Twin Library are back with another album of short, sweet, laid back folky pop...a collection of new songs and songs rediscovered in dusty boxes transports you to a calmer, quieter less stressful world. It's cheaper than a therapist and more effective than a two week holiday."
The Devil Has The Best Tuna, April 2012

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released March 31, 2012



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No Museums Edmonton, Alberta

A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities. ... more

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Track Name: The Dark Ships
The dark ships on the airstrip
Did you want to be the pilot?
The dark ships never let go
Working up from the ground

Where do you go when you're this low?

The dark ships in the long grass
Don't forget that I'm up here
You can't reach anything after
There is nothing even out there

And where would you want to fly to
If you could find the time?
The time is never leaving
You only came back alone

The dark ships often remember
The sound of the heavy air
It's time we should be leaving
There is nothing even out there.
Track Name: A Great Song
Has my drinking improved since I last saw you
Or have I reddened like an old star
And fallen like a drunk sun
Was it obvious when I was young
I would always leave things undone?

Shall I copy a great song
Written for someone who was loved
And written by someone who isn't me
Or shall I try to believe to just be real
Just be me?
Track Name: Snow
I trail this hope in the snow
I'm led by dogs down a country road
My train howls as I fall away
My train rumbles over where I lay
I've hunted reasons buried in leaves
I'm traveling the albums and the sleeves
My fingers touch the fingers of your hand
My fingers are lost as you touch back

All the crows and roses and the months that can't be filed
The documents I've printed off and left for you outside
The tiny little messages like kisses on your neck
The things I've come to celebrate are the things I don't expect

I follow the last words written
I've read all the books that you keep hidden
My engine turns over very slow
My engine charts memories in the snow

And the hours drop by frequently to pass the time with me
The things I've come to hope for are the things you hope for me.
Track Name: When I First Heard The Train
When I first heard the train I knew
A magician was now in training
If I could live up to my name
When I first heard the train I knew
A sister of mine was driving
If I could face up to you

When I first heard the train I knew
There was no point in hiding
If I could throw myself in I would
If I could do myself in I would.
Track Name: I See You've Got Horses
No trains left, I am not yet dust
Scratch it out until I am red and bruised
This is the real country
I see you've got horses
Is it hard when you fall?
I see you've got horses
Do you always fall?

In the smoke of the scenery
How slowly your sweet smiles rusts
Black as the traveler who's tired from lack of rest
I see you've got horses
High above the snow line still
Have you been hiding them there
To prolong this useful kill?
Have you been hiding them there
Along with my lack of will?
Track Name: Filled With Friends
Fuel the jet and wait for comfort
I forgot to aim off target
And the camera shoots you dead, where's your armour?
Race for the only thing that will suit your needs

Leaving for far too long again
Record a message for me again

Talk into the mic with your wisest words
Release this for free, one sound at a time
And hang around the airport until morning
Race for the only thing and have a drink for me

Leaving for far too long again
An empty home is mine again
A heart falls out of line

Leaving for far too long again
A suitcase locked and filled with friends
Leaving for far too long again.
Track Name: Archives
Creating archives, silos and beehives
I'm never going back to that house
A suitcase of old times, I'm finished with old times
And I'm not humming another old song

Remember the porch and the drowning lake
The stained glass light and the thoughts just before you wake
Remember the heat at the end of June
The knives you took up to your room
I heard something in your voice break

Lighting the lanterns and burning your fingers
These houses were built on burial land
Missing your brother, discovering letters
I never forgave you for leaving the city

Remember the hinge on the garden gate
The finger I tore on the wire rake that you swung
Remember how we first met
The bench where we sat and watched the jets
I heard something in your voice break

Becoming a photo, but what would I know?
I'm constantly seeking you in other rooms
We're traveling slower but never closer
I'm never going back to that house

Remember the feel of the ferris wheel
The pull of the season as it started to reel
I remember headaches and sick beds
The hope that this year would never end
I heard something in your voice break.
Track Name: Nighthawk USA
We have hope, we have bears
And compass reading girls
In Nighthawk USA
Golden lights, demon souls
Hold on tight to your gold
In Nighthawk USA

One of these stations might be a wrecking ball
One of these engines will rev and then stall

Meet me on the border
A map of another land
In Nighthawk USA
We have hope, we have bears
We'll make camp before it snows
In Nighthawk USA.
Track Name: It Means So Little To Me
Clapboard sided churches and talks
General stores and wharves
What a good day for going out
Walk on down to the quiet park
A higher mist than we had thought
The biggest fish I ever caught
What a good day for throwing bait
After work I'd always wait for you

When the summertime is gone relocate the old hometown
For better schools and blacktop roads
My grandfather doesn't want to go
He's never seen a city scene

I read it all in a magazine
This means so little to me
It all means nothing to me

Black and white old photographs
A long striped tie I used to have
What a good day for dressing up
Weren't we always the sharpest lot?
A bottle of wine your uncle aged
The dance that seemed to last all night
What a good day to spend our pay
Here's the necklace that I bought for you

When the summertime is gone relocate the old hometown
For power lines and postal codes
My grandmother doesn't want to go
She's never seen a city scene.
Track Name: A Country Heart
A rural love, a country heart
This sort of charm didn't even start
Remember the road, remember the drive
I think you thought I was someone else
Another friend, another friend
Another chance you wouldn't have to explain

Past the village and open farms
How can you say you didn't mean me harm?
Went for a walk with a country heart
You never told me what fell apart
Wasn't I a friend?
Wasn't that enough?
I was the friend you always left in the dark.
Track Name: We Never Reached The Mountains
We never reached the mountains
With all of our hands
Remember when I said, "I'm going back"

We spent the summer
In slow attack
Remember when you said, "I'm never going back"

And when will this book turn into leaves?
I'm writing it slow, I'm old and almost asleep.
Track Name: The Grey Birds
And hunt
Until there's nothing left
Remind yourself that this is how it has to be
And race
Along familiar ground
Recognize the times you don't have time for now

And grey are the birds that watch us daily
Grey are the words we never say
Most days I just stay inside now

And run
Past endless horses
Be alone and out of sight
And break
All our bones to be strong
Rationalize the uselessness in using all you've got

And every morning we keep lifting hands
To golden birds that just fly away.
Track Name: Beehive
I'm lined up like a morning in the spring
Have you ever done anything to get behind?
"Me," you've said, "I'm like the first snow"
But how many folks know these bruises are real?

I'm warming up, how much time have we got?
Soon I'll have to go

It's almost dusk, that's when I regret
The engines that we let
Go to sleep by the side
Is there a whale boat close
Why did you just dive?
And why did your beehive never sting?