Now You're A Ghost

by The Public Library

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#20 CFBX Kamloops, January 12, 2010
#8 CJAM Windsor, March 16, 2010


released September 1, 2009



all rights reserved


No Museums Edmonton, Alberta

A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities. ... more

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Track Name: Station
I've hated my station for too long now
I've been looking for a way out
Everyone I've known is never there
I've hated my station for too long now

It's okay, I'm not thinking of staying

I've created a station where it never snows
I've got information nobody knows
And everyone I see is everyone I want to see

There's no way I'd even think of staying.
Track Name: We Had Museums
I lost my history with you
I don't remember how you feel
I want the courage to make you stay
I have a memory of a train
I have some things I'd like to change
I've wasted years I can't take back
I thought I'd die always feeling sad

I thought I'd die
And you said I would so I knew I would
I'm fucked by the thought that I'm fucked that you're gone

You were born in Holland years ago
1923, the curator said
I was a worker and now I'm old
We had cotton fields and soft sloped hills
We had museums that were always filled
I was a worker and now I'm old
I thought I'd die always feeling sad.
Track Name: The Porcelain Devil
We've been thrown, high out and often stoned
Hours in our fall, I meet you cold and pale but I want more
We were spaced, blackened out of place
My kind of a hole
I'm almost gone but still I think that I need more
Yeah I need you more

We're so thin, when we smile we feel so cold
Porcelain snow, eyes so high they glow and freeze the world
Yeah you freeze me more

We've been down, dropped far below the ground
I call you devil's girl
I've reached the end but I'd love more
Yeah I'd love you more.
Track Name: An Engine Submerged
A view of ocean and earth
A terrainean coast
A rocky shoreline
A timberline near the sea
A wave towards the road
A mermaid sleeping on snow
A whitecap reaching the grey sand
An engine submerged

A motorway paved on foam
A starfish out in the cold
A death of me so alone
A view of ocean and earth
An engine submerged.
Track Name: Long Across The Lake
Hang around the eaves with the crows
It happened once before, it's long across the lake
The long effects, the sheets of sound
And the way you frame a shot

Hang around the leaves as they turn
It never snows around here, it's long across the lake
The last word written, the ghosts of writing
And the echo of this hand.
Track Name: Defining The Airplanes
After the runway, under the fuel blue burning jets
I won't forget you
In the terminal of architecture I'll forget you
I'll forget you next to the snowmobiles and motorbikes

And now sugar gliders
Have escaped from the motorbike rider's shaking hand
Stand still when the airplanes land
After the runway curves and hits the sea
Will you wait with the luggage for me?
Will you wait even though I'll forget you
On the next outgoing flight

My simple plan of truth never comes true

It was three minutes from departure
I stood in front of the airport cameras
A final moment for you
Under the white light humming tubes
In the office of security
Your last photograph of me even though I'll forget you.
Track Name: Western Heart Of Darkness
Can you see the lights on the western side of town?
Are you letting go, are you already on the road?
I hope we're not in trouble, are you still ready to travel?
Who are you working for, is it memory or leaving?

We're underneath the weather and far down the range
The western heart of darkness slowly turns away

Farewell to the old friends, one last look upon them
I was always catching phantoms of warm evenings without ends

We're coming off the record and using words that only mattered
When we were slightly turning away

The western heart of darkness turns away
Leaving us with stillness, silence, photographs and documents
And records that speak of letting go.
Track Name: Murmur
I'm thinking we were ghosts in your town
You said, "I never thought we'd be so brave"
They never saw us leaving
Our phantom hearts beating
We've been creeping like difficult lanterns
I'm thinking our flames have stopped burning
I'm dim as the moth I've been leading
No heat in the evenings

I've been riding horses with blinders
I'm trying to treat them much kinder
Than this road we're on

You murmur like a slow night in summer
My ghost echoes, "I'm not alone now"
That's what I'm believing
But your murmur is leaving
Foreign to those we've forgotten
We're haunting rooms now abandoned
And nobody is listening to voices left drifting

I've been riding low in the saddle
I'm trying to calm the death rustle
Of paper thin hopes

The phantoms murmur, "It's been ages"
The lanterns burn all the pages.
Track Name: February
It happened once around the time that you were going home
February coats, February hats
February girlfriends, February cats
Like the demon phantom terrors, unbelievable killing time
February rainclouds, February crows
February polar bears, February radio shows.
Track Name: The Killer Whale
Phantom's brother, are you killing time
Will you let it float for days
Is it the thunder that's causing these waves
Or rather the silence and its delay?

And what is this dark cloud
The shape beneath the skin
The phantom smiles back at me just like the killer whale
And what is this rainstorm
The shape behind the sail
The phantom smiles back at me just like the killer whale

Can you tell the weather long before the signs
Long before I've noticed
Is this a move for action or movement with design
Or rather just the turning of the tide?