by Twin Library

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"It’s hard to put into words just how effortlessly a minor punk anthem like 'Lower Flag' flows into the gentle currents of 'Abandon Everyone', or how a short blast of instrumentation like 'Instrumental Propeller' can set the tone of an entire record in just 33 seconds...
'Bluedays' is a lovely, hazy summer afternoon lullaby; 'The Surgery Never Left' targets your ears like a heat-seeking missile of lo-fi pop explosives; 'The Wreckage' defying its name by being delicately, gorgeously constructed..."
Quick Before It Melts, March 2013 www.quickbeforeitmelts.com/2013/03/merchants/

"a quiet element to the recording quality that makes it extremely personal...while there are some really soft moments on the album, there are also experiments with noise, which provide a little bit of differentiation, giving the record more endurance from spin to spin"
Austin Town Hall, February 2013 austintownhall.com/2013/02/19/new-music-from-twin-library/

"this month, they have a new release, Lowways. By way of giving some incentive to check them out, they share a list of their music loves (and, perhaps, muses): Guided By Voices, Little Wings, The Velvet Underground, The Wedding Present, Ride, The Clean, Television Personalities, Robyn Hitchcock. That's good enough for me. It should be for you, as well"
When You Motor Away, February 2013


released February 5, 2013

#18 CHLY Nanaimo, February 19 2013
#26 CFCR Saskatoon, February 26 2013
#6 CJSR Edmonton, February 26 2013
#19 CKDU, Halifax, March 5 2013
#29 CJSF Burnaby, March 12 2013
#5 CKXU Lethbridge, March 19 2013
#27 CFBX Kamloops, April 2, 2013
#5 CJAM Windsor, April 2, 2013
#28 CJLY Nelson, April 9, 2013
#2 CFMH St. John, April 16, 2013



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No Museums Edmonton, Alberta

A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities. ... more

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Track Name: The Surgery Never Left
Were you born like this, did it burn your hand
Did the hope of leaving never land
Where was the heart, was it a broken house
Was it a thought of missing someone else?

And the surgery never left

Are you bored with this, does it still attack
Does the thought of me still take you back
Where was the heart, was it a city dark
Was it falling bricks and forgotten parts?

And the surgery never left
And the films we played never left
And the hands we held never left
And the hearts we burned never left
Track Name: Two Thousand Too Fast
Nothing reaches me when it snows
I am here two thousand too slow
And if I'm never going home I'll never feel alone
Everything I've held close seems so wrong
Everything that's two thousand too long
And as the minute passes by the airplanes will fly

I am one of the last and I'm tired again

Each tiny frame of sound fills in the words
Nothing around here two thousand too hurts
And you wanted to be the one, there was nothing you could have done
Lift from the ground to see beyond the past
When the time is just two thousand too fast
And the waiting is far too slow, all the things you'll never know
Track Name: Lower Flag
Closing the woods and opening their heads
Shall we remain to lower the flag?
From the end of the road I still hoped you would say no
Like an engine torn apart

Losing the strings and recording the words
To burn for this I am deep below
Metropolis is all that you get
Like a movie's missing heart

Look! These are your brothers
Hung from the lower flag
Track Name: Abandon Everyone
There are no hands here breaking jaws
Only words in mouths and moths in drawers
A clipper ship lost at sea
Drifting into sleep ahead of me

And when the long day slows and we open the show
It's okay if we abandon everyone

A cryptic slip, a stolen line
A ghost on watch until the end of time
A broken arm like a flag torn through
Like the spine of a book I thought I knew

When the morning breathes, trailing fingers through the hours
It's okay if we abandon everyone

And we'll map it before we black it when the compass is curved
And we'll sail it before we sink it when the atlas is blurred

A creaking ship, from the deck I see
A small sign of shore like a puzzle piece

When the engine fails to close the darkest day
With golden hearts and homecoming
Sleepless clocks and leaking things
The friends left here are wondering
Another year of circling
And it's okay if we abandon everyone
Track Name: Merchants
The merchants have been found
Girls have come to shop for an open heart
They've hung us in the neighbourhood
This is the sort of town where nobody starts

Last autumn I lost some time
Hands and leaves and hunting for some teeth
They've shot us in an open mouth
This is the sort of snowfall I've heard about

We're foreign in the open cold
Crows have come to sleep at the end of it all
They've left us in a winter wood
This is the sort of thought that always gets old

The merchants all have drowned
Shops and stars have closed out for the year
They've left us on the lowest shelf
This is the sort of town where nobody cares
Track Name: Bluedays
Cranes streaming, red ribbon mountains
Signs of crab and trails of moss
The longest shallow finger lies deep in the cove
Point seeming to be something
It's the novel that rips my head
I am a version of nothing, a shoreline that can't be read

Bent to be tossed, I'm long past this place
Avalanche, you're reaching my bluedays

Swallows have dived and lost another
Arrows will drift red ribbons together
Written in smoke, the words on the water meant nothing to me

Radar change and shifting paper
Pull me under, my smiles are numbered
And lines around my life are closing
Track Name: The Wreckage
Across the land in winter time
Breaking words and leaving home
And walk through the snow and sleep on a floor
Jane wants to know, "Is this the last time?"
Can you see the boats
Lined up in the cove?
We'll be loading tomorrow once the papers are signed
And the clothes that you wore you won't need anymore
I'm told once the rain slows we're ready to leave

A winter back home seems much colder to me
Than the one that I'll spend on the sea
As long as we're heading off and out from the wreckage
It's warmer for me if I leave
Track Name: Softer Bones
It sounds like it's torn away
The latest line that falls between
I've noticed it's happening to our golden reel
The sounds that you've thrown away
The fading hands, the royal skin
Another long break in where we've been

I've heard the words I know, I'm laying low
Laying long, long ago
I've heard the sounds of a soft winterkill
While the softer bones are softer still

No sounds at the opening
The softer bones grow dim and break
It's gold and low and always away
Track Name: Phantoms Run The Factory
I cannot speak, don't forget that I left here once
Another house where phantoms run the factory

Slow rivers freeze, black clouds hold my defence
Another town where phantoms run the factory

I remember broken branches
Higher woods and hidden houses
Lanterns hung like cities far away