It All Begins To Feel

by No Museums

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#1 CICK Smithers, March 13, 2018
#12 CITR Vancouver, March 13, 2018
#20 CFBX Kamloops, March 13, 2018
#7 CILU Thunder Bay, March 6, 2018
#8 CJSR Edmonton, February 27, 2018
#26 CKUT Montreal, February 13, 2018
#28 CJLO Montreal, February 13, 2018
#18 CFRC Kingston, January 30, 2018

"A steady flow of high-grade, homemade anti-rock. Acoustic and electric guitars wrestle for prominence in the mix to create what’s become No Museums’ signature sound: a blissed out, blown-out, super fuzzy folk/rock/pop hybrid...The seven-track album is an exercise in brevity, clocking in at a lightning fast 12 minutes yet still brimming with melodies and hooks...Nothing on It All Begins To Feel sounds rushed...Images of frozen rivers, the low sun on a forest path, knives, and burning books pepper his poetic verses, coalescing most evocatively around 'The Twin Tone Market'. It’s the one song where Betmanis veers from his formula, using a steady retro-synth drum pattern and pronounced dynamics to lift the veil of feedback. The words may be purposefully obtuse, but the emotional resonance comes through loud and clear in the delivery: No Museums is all feeling."
Dominionated, February 2018

"At least once a year, we’re gifted a release by No Museums; they’re always creating, and always succeeding in crafting enjoyable tunes. Today they drop It All Begins to Feel, an exercise in brevity and hooks. Six of the seven tracks all come in at under 2 minutes, though the craftsmanship maximizes your listening in enjoyment. These are subtle pop tunes, filled with smoky vocals and great guitar work; at the moment my favorite of the 7 is 'Old Projectors.' So much substance packed into an enjoyable 11 minute adventure. I’m hoping that the band will have another release for us by year’s end, so cross your fingers while you enjoy."
Austin Town Hall, January 2018


released January 18, 2018


all rights reserved



No Museums Edmonton, Alberta

A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities. ... more

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Track Name: A Great Song
Has my drinking improved since I last saw you
Or have I reddened like an old star
And fallen like a drunk sun
Was it obvious when I was young
I was always leave things undone?

Shall I copy a great song
Written for someone who was loved
And written by someone who isn't me
Or shall I try to believe to just be real, just be me?
Track Name: The Black Lights
The black lights around the eyes
The bells, the chimes, and the crimes
I've pocked packed knives and cones
I'm driving out while you're driving alone
And it's alright, they're on our side!

The wooden skull, the foreign girl
The slow we couldn't stand to wait
She wrote the words I couldn't say
I'm driving out while you're driving in
And it's alright, we're on their side!
Track Name: No Longer The Scout
When the river froze we felt the heavy drag
Smoking out the guns and the stolen radio
And I'm no longer the scout
The winter girls are long, they promised to return
My sleeves are red and torn
As always I was wrong
And I'm no longer the scout
Track Name: The Twin Tone Market
As low as the wayward, ones that are cold as
The last of the crows in the snow
The dark and the favourite, the twin tone market
The ones holding books about home
And leave before it all begins to feel

A hardening outlook, recorded on cassette
The first track is always the same
The twin tone market, a repeating circuit
The ones holding books in flames
And leave before it all begins to feel
Track Name: Old Projectors
Bring out the old projectors, the reels they haven't returned
Professors release the archive and history tumbles again
There are faces of girls on the wall
A quick drink before you tell it all
No more silent thoughts, murmurs in the dark
A last look I'll forget anyway
With nothing left to say
Track Name: Burnt Photographs
It's time to travel again
The old return never felt that right

And you keep moving slower
In a different city
We might find the time

There's a line drawing out the dark traps
With broken arms and burnt photographs
Track Name: The Navigation Arrows
A low sun on the old house where the rangers used to work
The airmen always aiming through the mountains to the coast
Lost a few but of course you knew, still learning and leaning too far
A map of the path, a nap on the grass, are they still out in the land?

Navigation arrows, I don't want this anymore
Point them down

All of the times in the abandoned mine with the rush of the jets above
Losing my way like I'm losing a grade, are they still hoping to land?

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