They Were Marked As Targets

by Twin Library

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"cool, low-key, indie beats that are perfect for the change of seasons...a warming indie album that accompanies our descent into the coming winter"
Discorder, November 2013

"acoustic guitars and muted drums lead the way in these two-ish-minute long tracks while the band points its fingers at the darkness closing in...every melody feels perfectly placed, completely necessary"
BeatRoute, November 2013

"Twin Library are chemists, experimenting and tweaking the formula that results in their incredibly sophisticated and sonically rich songs. They are prolific recorders and their latest release is their finest collection of unconventional pop yet"
Quick Before It Melts, October 2013

"really subtle indie rock with quiet melodies and memorable lyrics, making the perfect soundtrack for the gently sweeping change in Fall weather"
Austin Town Hall, September 2013

#13 CIVL, Abbotsford, October 8, 2013
#21 CFMH, Saint John, October 8, 2013
#24 CJSW, Calgary, October 8, 2013
#26 CICK, Smithers, October 29, 2013
#8 CFBU, St. Catharines, November 12, 2013
#8 CFBX, Kamloops, November 19, 2013
#11 CJSF, Burnaby, November 19, 2013
#21 CJSR, Edmonton, December 17, 2013
#16 CJAM, Windsor, February 4, 2014


released September 20, 2013



all rights reserved


No Museums Edmonton, Alberta

A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities. ... more

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Track Name: Range
Smashing range, days on the sun
We were fucked before we had even begun
Red fingers scratching madly
The gates are open and the wires are set
And straight in four, mosquitos laying low
Under the floor I'm leaving
And even towers full of stars
Sweet smile you are mine when you're bleeding

Breaking days, range on the sun
They were marked as targets when they were young
Last of the trails and forgotten plans
Information is gone
Landing torch code, scope my scene
When the land splits you'll be with me hanging
Burning cities, points of light
Sweet smile you are mine when you're bleeding

In the range
Track Name: Terrance
Past the island, drifting in the curve
The mouth was closing, thoughts are all I heard
Terrance told me that he failed to breathe
The miles I travel, my name is speed

We're slowing down

Mountain forest and a wooden fort
A necklace made of time falls apart
Terrance told me that he broke his hand
The miles I travel, my name is land

We're slowing down

Killing language and the hope inside
Countless creatures hung and tied
Terrance told me that he tore his heart
The miles I travel, my name is dark
Track Name: The Rails
Straight to the mountain
The ranger's eyes are so clear
The roads aren't even paved here
Our trucks sped through the free zone
Nothing will ever be modern
It's all futuristic
I tried to leave but I missed it
The rails turned back from the city

It was my own perfect day

No one ever waits for me
Once I found the strength not to believe
I once thought high of intelligence
I once thought high of the time we spent
Nothing will ever be the same again
You've already lost it
I tried to care but I missed it
The rails turned back from the city

It was my own perfect day
And I was miles away
Track Name: Heather Raceway
In the rancheroo, driving out of time with you
Towards the little movie
Exploring the high land, I see the ocean low behind
A silver awful sea, am I really still so real?

Heather raceway, her blue eyes on the grey motor pavement
I'm only driving in the rain, I'm only driving in the sun
I'm only driving back in time, I'm only driving when alone

Leave the beach at dawn
"Stay here awhile," you said but I was gone
Don't focus or stay out late
Spend your days watching the road
Spend my time getting old
A black and awful sky, am I really still so real?

Heather raceway, her blue eyes on the grey motor pavement
I'm only reaching for a door, I'm only reeling from before
I'm only waiting for the ground, I'm only driving out of town

Heather raceway, where something always changes
In the wilderness of travel something always changes

I'm only leaving land and road, I'm only leaving as I go
I'm only leaving what was mine, I'm only leaving every time
Track Name: They Have Not Fallen
We're taking the bikes out
Warmer hands and softer sounds
Throwing stones at the school
Skulls roll down the mountain
The words we heard in the morning
Sisters turn into wine

And they have not fallen
Smoking hands forgot them
And we're leaving for higher land

We're breaking lights and losing friends
Counting on thoughts we always forget
The coat that you wear looks old
Now you're a ghost and I'm just cold
The words we heard were not the things we were told
Sisters turn into time
Track Name: The Workers Drone
"We've lost the truth," the workers drone
Stand by the tracks where the trains take them home
And catch one last glance, the hours that we've all known
Constructing the station that now stands alone

Reach for the time before you didn't feel so dead
Think what the mantra said
A hundred to one I'm still alive
I am not a camera, I cannot leave the ground

"We've lost the touch," the old friends drone
If memory is time then time is not ours to own
Reach for the days that fall as hard as the stones
A black and white photo of you standing alone

Believe that one day I'll go and take a lot of space
I think you're not far away
A thousand to one I'll see you again
I am not a free weight, I cannot leave the ground
I am not a rifle, I cannot leave the ground
I am not a smoke screen, I cannot leave the ground
Track Name: Refusing Sister
And you refuse all of the thoughts
In hotels and second-hand shops
The ones who always were lost
The ones who held on so close
The ones who just turned away
The sisters who never would stay

And you lose all that you knew
In love and out with the school
Saw pictures that you once drew
The ones I loved the most
The ones that faded away
The sisters who never would stay
Track Name: Construction Time Again
Following the snow the tiny birds draw arrows
Below the ice and it breaks
Delay time is longer than the slow repeating winter
I'm always drafting messages back home

Walk to the park and all the girls are watching
Walk another mile and they leave
The straightest line will stagger and far too often splinter
I'm hoping for construction time again

A broken frame and a record from overseas
A song from another bird

The lower lights, the ones you always reach for
Still burn your hands I used to hear
The darker ones who don't care are the ones I always long for
I'm hoping for construction time again
Track Name: Everything Falls Apart
I've always wanted to navigate
Through the tiny waves and back again
I could never face the sea
I've always wanted the atmosphere
To be so near
And I'd find you here
But still I studied gravity
And still I had the fear

And I never changed, I haven't changed

I've always wanted to blow my cover
Tear it down like there is no other
And you'd reach me in the clear
I've always wanted to drive away
Knowing that I shouldn't stay
But that never suited me
And I could never leave

Waiting up all night, trying to understand the time
I've only found the one thing
That everything must fall apart
Track Name: There's Always An End
And hanging one last time
There's nothing in the air
The smoke that you see is not hope
It's too far away

They electrified the island
To burn out all the ghosts
The ones that you see are the ones
Who never believed
In a road without end

There's always an end
And always another
There's always a story
And always much farther
But there's nothing out there
Nothing at all
Until we write it