There Are Golden Houses, 2008​-​2016

by No Museums

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In 2008 a band called The Public Library released The Dark Birds and in 2016 a band called No Museums released The Drifting Knives. The years between saw 14 more albums and a few singles from The Public Library, Twin Library, and No Museums.

There Are Golden Houses presents 31 songs from 2008-2016. Consider this compilation the pencil shavings, the buckshot, the still-reverberating coils of basement noise. Consider this an introduction, a memory, or a scar of an Edmonton band with three names.

Over the years multiple appearances were made on the Top 30 charts of Canadian campus/community radio, a few albums were sold, and there was at least one live performance. Reviews and opinions were written in many fine music blogs and publications (Ride the Tempo, Quick Before It Melts, Exclaim!, BeatRoute, Discorder, Gray Owl Point, The Big Takever, Austin Town Hall, and When You Motor Away are just some fine examples).

So please locate some headphones and a low-lit room, and explore two libraries and a museum.


released January 1, 2017

The Dark Birds (2008) (tracks 1, 2)
It Never Snows Around Here (2009) (tracks 3, 4)
Now You're A Ghost (2009) (tracks 5, 6)
Folkrecorder (2010) (tracks 7, 8)

Folkrecorder (2010) (tracks 9, 10)
The Heavy Drag (2011) (tracks 11, 12)
Softer Seasons (2011) (track 13)
The Abandoned Reel (2012) (tracks 14, 15)
Lowways (2013) (tracks 16, 17)
They Were Marked As Targets (2013) (tracks 18, 19)
Historical Tumblers (2014) (tracks 20, 21)

I Was A Worker And Now I'm Old (2014) (tracks 22, 23)
The Malcontents (2015) (tracks 24, 25)
Frightening Camera (2015) (tracks 26, 27)
Darkening (2016) (tracks 28, 29)
The Drifting Knives (2016) (tracks 30, 31)



all rights reserved


No Museums Edmonton, Alberta

A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities. ... more

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Track Name: The Public Library - The Slow Down
There are golden houses
We couldn't hold them with our horses
I am slowing
Letting go of the bones
Leave them all in empty homes with hidden angles

Fire the guns into the sun
Melt the snow, save everyone, is this fiction?

Or just another way to say you haven't slowed down

Record last words that aren't your own
Release it all as "The Letting Go" or "Don't Look Back"
Fire the lamps and call the boys
Head off and out without remorse, is this fiction?

Or just another way to say you haven't slowed down

Fire the guns into the sun
When you leave don't tell anyone
Are you leaving?
Track Name: The Public Library - Ponies
How long were the whales in sight
Were the men in boats, were you able to breathe?
I stood out there through the night
And the newspapers asked me, "Why won't you leave?"
I brought the ponies just like I wrote
I'd meet you at dawn and we'd ride them both home

Now I'm leading one by the reins

I threw a line between the rocks
And the currents pulled it away from shore
The girl at the store lent me a book
On how to fish and a glass of beer
I've been staying not far from here
In a room at the inn with a view of the coast

Now I'm leading one by the reins

I'll stay here one year and then I'll go
These ponies are tired of carrying loads

They say the whales have not returned
And the store closed down and the newspapers left
I'm still thinking I'll bring something back
And we could start again and stay afloat
I brought the ponies just like I wrote
I'll meet you at dawn and we'd ride them both home.
Track Name: The Public Library - A Haunted Typewriter
A haunted typewriter keeps on wording
Ghost marking ribbons when you're away
Dust on the keys you've deserted
Does it hurt you to write this way?

Long half-hearted endings
Ignoring the hands that are shaking

I reckon I'll show up in the morning
As you're reading the first page
I reckon I'll show up in the evening
As you're reading the final page

I thought once of writing
Books based only on letters never sent

Long past reading anything
I think we lost the plot and the words I forgot.
Track Name: The Public Library - Folks
You go outside and it's summer
You come back home and it's over
You wonder if it ever really changed
You remember well the first time
You can't remember the last time
I'm thinking it was probably the same

And folks around here never know
We're traveling light and slow
Forgetting that we're sometimes alone

I'm still thinking you left in an airplane
I'm drinking because you left, either way
How long will these ships keep on sinking?
I'm still thinking of leaving
I'm still thinking I'll stay

And folks around here never knew
I'm traveling only for you
The folks around here never knew.
Track Name: The Public Library - Western Heart Of Darkness
Can you see the lights on the western side of town?
Are you letting go, are you already on the road?
I hope we're not in trouble, are you still ready to travel?
Who are you working for, is it memory or leaving?

We're underneath the weather and far down the range
The western heart of darkness slowly turns away

Farewell to the old friends, one last look upon them
I was always catching phantoms of warm evenings without ends

We're coming off the record and using words that only mattered
When we were slightly turning away

The western heart of darkness turns away
Leaving us with stillness, silence, photographs and documents
And records that speak of letting go.
Track Name: The Public Library - Murmur
I'm thinking we were ghosts in your town
You said, "I never thought we'd be so brave"
They never saw us leaving
Our phantom hearts beating
We've been creeping like difficult lanterns
I'm thinking our flames have stopped burning
I'm dim as the moth I've been leading
No heat in the evenings

I've been riding horses with blinders
I'm trying to treat them much kinder
Than this road we're on

You murmur like a slow night in summer
My ghost echoes, "I'm not alone now"
That's what I'm believing
But your murmur is leaving
Foreign to those we've forgotten
We're haunting rooms now abandoned
And nobody is listening to voices left drifting

I've been riding low in the saddle
I'm trying to calm the death rustle
Of paper thin hopes

The phantoms murmur, "It's been ages"
The lanterns burn all the pages.
Track Name: The Public Library - It's Snow, It's Dark
The messenger horse is wounded
The letter never sent
We've been in this for far too long
"Push on," they wrote. "Get old"

I'd like to get myself back

The wagon broke a spoke
We cannot take you in
We won't see each other again
It's snow, it's dark, get out.
Track Name: The Public Library - We Let Them Escape
Laser and I would surely die
Should you ever see us like this
Out in the west, we were the hosts
Of another hard cast glow
That's all I know

Radar and I, should we fly
Would deliver the news of your life
And of last night, the places we crashed
Were not prepared for the actions
We'd make

The zebracreatures of gold
We let them escape
For I know there are brighter ways to unfold
Than all the ways I was told.
Track Name: Twin Library - Closely Watched Trains
Out beyond the range
We've been moving towns again
Would you tell Holly that it's time to sleep
I brought some books but tonight
I prefer to just look

Out beyond the range
I'm counting miles and I'm counting stars
The dark blue hills don't seem as dark
I think it's almost dawn

Are we closely watched trains
Or does anyone even know that we're here?
Track Name: Twin Library - Heavy Houses
A last race for the dark horse
And holding hands to see him off
There's little hope in leaving, and often times I remember
These tender folk have hardened
Like phantoms in heavy houses
Hanging bones at weddings
These timeless folk are breaking

And we will all lose our breath
As the waves of this town break

A last race almost frozen
Hand me the rope and I'll tie it off
Write this down, "Are you spoken for?"
Read it aloud as we reach the shore

At last we've found an ending
A slow design or a loss of time

A last race for the dark horse
Silent and soft and half asleep
Like knowing that it's drowning
Off the coast and broken.
Track Name: Twin Library - There's Nothing Out There
Once it began to snow a story I was told
Recording the highs and lows
Once it began to snow, lighting lanterns when it turned cold
Drifting smoke out of our mouths
Recording the highs and lows
Once it began to snow

And only woods and stars
And only beating hearts
There's nothing out there

I'm sending you into the sky, golden hands to write it down
Recording the highs and lows
You came back alone
You told me there's another view but nothing that's really true
Recording the highs and lows
You came back alone.
Track Name: Twin Library - They Pull The Sleighs
Did the river slow before I left?
The heavy drag of shorter days
My sister raises quarter horses, they pull the sleighs

The days fall off the long trees, the boys fall off the bridge

Hunting down in the valley, following the tracks
When the low lights faded softly, the horses led us back

And I thought I saw them waving, frozen hands against the trees
The days fall off long memories, the boys fall off the bridge

In the morning we found them near the bridge
Dragged them back into town
My sister raises quarter horses, they pull the sleighs.
Track Name: Twin Library - The Camera Birds
I am not the bird in the photograph
Caught in the flash, shot in the heart.
Track Name: Twin Library - Filled With Friends
Fuel the jet and wait for comfort
I forgot to aim off target
And the camera shoots you dead, where's your armour?
Race for the only thing that will suit your needs

Leaving for far too long again
Record a message for me again

Talk into the mic with your wisest words
Release this for free, one sound at a time
And hang around the airport until morning
Race for the only thing and have a drink for me

Leaving for far too long again
An empty home is mine again
A heart falls out of line

Leaving for far too long again
A suitcase locked and filled with friends
Leaving for far too long again.
Track Name: Twin Library - The Dark Ships
The dark ships on the airstrip
Did you want to be the pilot?
The dark ships never let go
Working up from the ground

Where do you go when you're this low?

The dark ships in the long grass
Don't forget that I'm up here
You can't reach anything after
There is nothing even out there

And where would you want to fly to
If you could find the time?
The time is never leaving
You only came back alone

The dark ships often remember
The sound of the heavy air
It's time we should be leaving
There is nothing even out there.
Track Name: Twin Library - The Surgery Never Left
Were you born like this, did it burn your hand
Did the hope of leaving never land
Where was the heart, was it a broken house
Was it a thought of missing someone else?

And the surgery never left

Are you bored with this, does it still attack
Does the thought of me still take you back
Where was the heart, was it a city dark
Was it falling bricks and forgotten parts?

And the surgery never left
And the films we played never left
And the hands we held never left
And the hearts we burned never left
Track Name: Twin Library - Softer Bones
It sounds like it's torn away
The latest line that falls between
I've noticed it's happening to our golden reel
The sounds that you've thrown away
The fading hands, the royal skin
Another long break in where we've been

I've heard the words I know, I'm laying low
Laying long, long ago
I've heard the sounds of a soft winterkill
While the softer bones are softer still

No sounds at the opening
The softer bones grow dim and break
It's gold and low and always away
Track Name: Twin Library - Range
Smashing range, days on the sun
We were fucked before we had even begun
Red fingers scratching madly
The gates are open and the wires are set
And straight in four, mosquitoes laying low
Under the floor I'm leaving
And even towers full of stars
Sweet smile you are mine when you're bleeding

Breaking days, range on the sun
They were marked as targets when they were young
Last of the trails and forgotten plans
Information is gone
Landing torch code, scope my scene
When the land splits you'll be with me hanging
Burning cities, points of light
Sweet smile you are mine when you're bleeding

In the range
Track Name: Twin Library - There's Always An End
And hanging one last time
There's nothing in the air
The smoke that you see is not hope
It's too far away

They electrified the island
To burn out all the ghosts
The ones that you see are the ones
Who never believed
In a road without end

There's always an end
And always another
There's always a story
And always much farther
But there's nothing out there
Nothing at all
Until we write it
Track Name: Twin Library - Swallows
All the history tumbles
Falling from towers
Falling like swallows near the banks
And when it floods
Will it ever flood?

You slept in the old home
A hotel of whale bones
Breaking like swallows near the shore
And when they dive
Do they really dive
Do they leave the air
Are you open to leaving
Or too old to care?

I fought towards you thought no more
Will we leave this home is warm like I am worn out doors is fine

Over and out under weather
I'm starting to wander
Watching swallows near the end
And when it ends does it ever end
It never begins
Are we open to leaving
Or just following?
Track Name: Twin Library - Decades In The Dead Museum
Drop the golden horse and draw
Right around the lines with southpaw

Decades in the dead museum
Historical tumblers have years left to hang

Release the second moon and hide
We continue to float, they continue to dive
When the past becomes a hope you're left behind
They continue to float, we continue to dive

Decades in the dead museum
Historical tumblers aren't even real

No systems, no systems here.
Track Name: The Sport
The ghosts of moments and lost stars
The last waves of the surf
An early morning drive
A way to see you without time
A still life framed in motion
Stay in the dark
Watch the film unfold
And talk about reasons when there are none

And talk about airports and your travel is no different than mine
The parallel lines, the speed and the sport
They change every time

There are towns here lower than last year
Stay in the light
Watch the day unfold
And think of the distances that we have seen

Think about motion and your travel is no different than mine
A station inside, the darkening sport
They change every time
Track Name: Model Train Makers
He was still on the shore
With a face shattered in glass
All the time we were wasting
All the times we were wild
They were burning out lights
While the engineers were asleep
All the model train makers
And all the wilderness that we need
All the crimes we were facing
All the times we were wild

She was hanging her hands
High off the workers home
All the hope we've been building
All the hope that's been thrown
All the minds we were been losing
All the times we were wild

And now it's been decided
And we're all going away
And we'd rather just be still now
We'd all rather be still now
Track Name: The Medical Flyers
The medical flyers are down
A city sick
Of time to write a line which only ever breaks
Why can't you raise the flag?
The local birds are leaving
The lower ground
Rounds are positioning themselves to only ever break
Why can't the tiny arrows wait?

The medical flyers are down
Point the arrows, point the arrows away

Sinking the hospital ships
Fuck your captain
It's time for redesigning all of the shit
Why can't you ever see past it?

The medical flyers are down
Point your arrows, point your arrows at me
The horrible silence of sound
Drop the heartbeat, soften the murmurings

It's time for that death defying look
Why can't you ever see past it?
Track Name: Mosquitoes
I tried to be hi-fi
I traveled through gold sounds
Came out from the lowland
Buzzed down like mosquitoes
I'm not the one I'm thinking about
I know to myself it's okay
I'd settle for something
That could take me away
I've tried all the stations
They fuzzed out like an old train
This evening silhouettes campfires
I'm miles from there so it's okay

I'm miles over sharpening airplanes
I'm coasting on frozen dials
The land I was charting slowly
Ended up drawing its own lines

I waited for something
The shuttle sped over mountains
I'd only slept for two hours
A shallow hand like a fade out
Sometimes I'd like to feel alright
And I know that you would say it's okay

And it felt like mosquitoes
Track Name: Hum
I'm cut
The bloodlines now breathe
The wavering history
The sunken houses and the drunken teams

Hang 10
The broken bones of the sea
The whispering of the dream
The darkest glass and the slightest touch

And we will hum
Track Name: I'm Passing Through
It will never change
We don't care if it changes
I've got no remains
Leave me rotting and drag this
Open ended movement to an end

They try so hard all the time
It doesn't even make sense
The perimeter aligns
And the thoughts of decline only steepen

The microphones will decide
If you're alone when you die
Will you be alone when you die?
When you're alone you will die

I'm passing through
I'm passing over
I'm passing away
Track Name: Stationing Out
The hardest core inside
The brutal head of design
The modern lines, the movement, and the miles
I'm stationing out and out

Like rifles through dark windows
Hoping to make it last
Not yet to leave the room but soon you will know
I'm stationing out and out

They never really left a mark
The bruises weren't really that dark
I'm nothing but the slightest touch
I'm stationing out and out

And the time will slow
Track Name: Those Fuckers In The Snow
No more trains remain
Does your blood still stain?
I left my mark upon the heart
On the very last beat
To the path
To the park
Does your head still fall apart?
Like a shattered sound?

I was born of gold
I was born of stone
Another burning home
Another frozen bone
Those fuckers in the snow
Track Name: The Hospital
The softest skull falls into the hive
I'm landing and loading with all of my weight
I tried breaking into the hospital
With a sparrow and my teeth

They lost the pilot, lost the ship
They were marked as targets but never hit
I tried breaking into the hospital
With an arrow and a leaf

I'm drawing maps and sparrow traps
The ghosts in your room won't be the last
I tried breaking into the hospital
Track Name: Films That I've Seen
The drift of the knives into the head
I'm drawing a line on a film
And moving them back into a fade
The red ribbons track the stain

The films that I've seen in the dark
They still mean a lot
Though I can't bleed a lot
The ghosts that i've seen in your room
They still feel a lot
Though I can't breathe a lot

The station here is never warm
The motion keeps dragging me out
The traps are tight and low
The red ribbons track the snow

The films that I've seen in the dark
They still mean a lot
Though I don't bleed a lot
The books that I wrote in your room
They still feel a lot
Though I don't read a lot