The Dark Birds

by The Public Library

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#16 CFMU Hamilton, November 11, 2008
#4 CFBU St. Catharines, November 25, 2008
#9 CKXU Lethbridge, November 25, 2008
#27 CIUT Toronto, December 16, 2008
#19 CJAM Windsor, January 20, 2009
#2 CFMH Saint John, February 3 & 17, 2009
#2 CHLY Nanaimo, November 10, 2009


released October 1, 2008



all rights reserved


No Museums Edmonton, Alberta

A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities. ... more

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Track Name: There Is No Harm
This will be the last time for me
I haven't a need to be there for me
There is no good
There is no harm
There is only a waste of time.
Track Name: Ponies
How long were the whales in sight
Were the men in boats, were you able to breathe?
I stood out there through the night
And the newspapers asked me, "Why won't you leave?"
I brought the ponies just like I wrote
I'd meet you at dawn and we'd ride them both home

Now I'm leading one by the reins

I threw a line between the rocks
And the currents pulled it away from shore
The girl at the store lent me a book
On how to fish and a glass of beer
I've been staying not far from here
In a room at the inn with a view of the coast

Now I'm leading one by the reins

I'll stay here one year and then I'll go
These ponies are tired of carrying loads

They say the whales have not returned
And the store closed down and the newspapers left
I'm still thinking I'll bring something back
And we could start again and stay afloat
I brought the ponies just like I wrote
I'll meet you at dawn and we'd ride them both home.
Track Name: The Slow Down
There are golden houses
We couldn't hold them with our horses
I am slowing
Letting go of the bones
Leave them all in empty home with hidden angles

Fire the guns into the sun
Melt the snow, save everyone, is this fiction?

Or just another way to say you haven't slowed down

Record last words that aren't your own
Release it all as "The Letting Go" or "Don't Look Back"
Fire the lamps and call the boys
Head off and out without remorse, is this fiction?

Or just another way to say you haven't slowed down

Fire the guns into the sun
When you leave don't tell anyone
Are you leaving?
Track Name: Leave Too Soon
Another evening is closing down
I can see the red clouds
I can't help it
You were smiling like a sunset just as we met

Another airplane hit the ground
I wonder what we should do with the wreckage
Just forget it
Forget what I said

I never wanted you in my room
And now I don't want you to leave too soon

Another morning and all I want
Is to watch you sleep
Just your breathing
Don't think of leaving
Don't ever think

I never wanted you to feel at home
And now I don't want you to leave too soon.
Track Name: All Quiet Now
No farms and no wine
You know there's no time
In this land there's no time
For slow dances and I've decided
To let the evening run dry

All quiet now

Lost upon the words I write
Tossed from heights, we talk all night
And no one is watching
Where are the planes that once were searching
For golden smiles and campfire circles
Why won't anyone remember?

All quiet now

And when we get back will you still stay up late
And slowly dance alone now that I no longer write?

All quiet now

No harm will follow you
No horror on the page I drew
Close your book and let it go
Lost upon the words I wrote
Tossed from heights we talked about
And no one will ever know.
Track Name: Instantly Fake My Own Death
I'd instantly fake my own death
Relinquish all I have left
If only she would know
Without her I'm nobody but myself

I'd dedicate my very last breath
And hope that she noticed
But I feel nothing as she turns to go
And then she smiles at someone else.
Track Name: Skull Photographs
Skull photographs are on display
The titles reveal familiar names
I recognize the rope tied in your room
Curtains drawn, I left too soon

No one knows who lives in town
We're too sad to speak out loud
And one fine day won't end a winter

A blackbird waits for you to get older
Forget about the times you've realized
And hunt until you know there's nothing left
Regret all you did and never said

No crows have flown these miles
Or drawn such toothless smiles
And one fine day won't end a winter

Some letters are found up in my drawer
I once had a plan but nothing more
Land on the road without slowing
You know I hope to leave here someday

But nothing has dawned on me
I've got no reason to leave
And one fine day won't end a winter.
Track Name: The Bell Horse
Along came some bell horse
Gathered in song on the lead gate
We've been waiting so long
Now they're ringing near town

Let me buy some poems
How much are they worth?
I haven't really the courage
To stand up close to the horse

I was wrong to bring you so far
Away from where you belong
I heard we were close to the border
Now they're ringing through town

Let me start some things over
How much am I worth?
I'll follow that train of bell horse
A trail in a dusty verse.
Track Name: The Mail Train
I'm clearing the snow off the tracks
I'm writing letters back home
Do the boys ever notice how long you've been alone?
The station seems so far back
I'm nothing but a mountain range
I'm nothing but a broken promise
I'm nothing but a worried mind

There'll be no mail train this year

This valley used to have a clear path
This engine used to have some coal
I take warmth in the ashes
Of the men who still have hope
I haven't spoken since the first snow
I haven't finished writing to you
I haven't lost track of lost time
I haven't told you the truth.
Track Name: Shipwrecks
The lighthouse keeper is lost at sea
There'll be no more safe harbourings
There'll be only shipwrecks from now on

They cannot blame this all on me
You sang so soft I fell asleep
There'll be only shipwrecks from now on

The light went out when I'd heard that you were gone
I fear I'll never make it to the dawn
There'll be only shipwrecks from now on

The sea no longer has time for me
I feel it's time for me to leave
There'll be only shipwrecks from now on.