Softer Seasons

by Twin Library

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    Spring 2011. Rickenbacker 330 electric guitar, Yahama 12-string acoustic guitar, Art & Lutherie AMI acoustic guitar, Fender Jazz bass, Academy drum set, Ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesizer, Roland Jazz Chorus 120 amplifier, DOD Classic Fuzz pedal, DOD Digital Delay pedal, Mu-Tron Phasor II pedal, Shure SM57 microphone, Shure SM58 microphone, MXI 991 microphone, M-Audio AV40 monitors, Presonus Firebox, Presonus Studio 1, MacBook Pro, Veronica Lake (Sullivan's Travels), Jean Seberg (Breathless), Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division FSA-OWI Collection LC-DIG-fsac-1a35476 DLC.

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"Compact and filled with all the goodness that the low-fi sound has to offer, grit, creaks, and echos, Twin Library’s Softer Seasons will be a perfect addition to your summer listening.

Not quite punk or indie-rock (your typical culprits of using low-fi) and with a hint of folk, Twin Library brings together multiple music genres for a welcoming marriage. Underneath all of the sonic fuzz, you’ll discover beautiful and elegantly worded lyrics, an element you wouldn’t think could match a music style with such disarray.

Recorded this past spring, the lyrical verses are filled with descriptions of natural settings while the music style has a familiar and melodic retro-sound. The chorus in 'Soft Bungalows,' which is one of the more subdued songs, 'Soon the time will stay still like the summer/ Like radio and soft bungalows,' is a great example of the sort of lyrics found in Softer Seasons.

Tracks like 'Here Come Slow Ends' and 'I Dare You To Leave' feature a more up-beat tempo not to far from the sounds of Chicago based band, Smith Westerns. A standout from the album has to be 'I Asked Her To Build Me A Plane.' With the eight song album tracking in at around seventeen minutes, 'I Asked Her To Build Me A Plane' is appropriately short but with the best lyrical and instrumental hook off the album.

Even though it might be a short musical venture, Softer Seasons doesn’t lack any musical depth.
Greyowl Point, July 2011

"There’s just certain sounds that go better with the summer than others, don’t you think? I’m certain you’ll agree with me that 'I Asked Her To Build Me A Plane' by Edmonton’s Twin Library is perfectly suited for sunshine and sticky-hot summer nights with friends and alcohol. Its guitar jingle and jangle reminded me of early R.E.M.; the hazy vocals of Going Blank Again-era Ride. That’s a sweet combination in my books, one that’s at odds with the majority of music I’ve been listening to as of late. Softer Seasons, Twin Library’s new LP, was recorded this spring. There’s an extensive back catalogue available as well if you dig what Softer Seasons has to offer"
Quick Before It Melts, July 2011

It's summer time, the schools are out for summer and the world seeks out music that smells like cut grass, sun tan lotion and freedom. That's why god made bands like Canadians Twin Library. Their hazed up, laid back blend of Beach Boy harmonies, drugged up psychedelia and Velvet Underground cool is so summery it could give you a sun tan. It's perfect for those long, lazy summer days when all you want to do is pose on your sun lounger in your Ray Bans and soak up some rays.
The Devil Has The Best Tuna, July 2011

#7 CJSR Edmonton, August 2, 2011
#1 CHMR St. John's, August 9, 2011
#4 CKXU Lethbridge, August 16, 2011
#4 CIVL Abbotsford, August 16, 2011
#24 CFMU Hamilton, August 22, 2011
#2 CFBX Kamloops, August 30, 2011
#26 CHUO Ottawa, October 11, 2011
#20 CKUT Montreal, November 8, 2011


released July 12, 2011



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No Museums Edmonton, Alberta

A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities. ... more

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Track Name: Here Come Slow Ends
Here come slow ends
Soft as seasons, soft as yesterday
Here come slow ends
Soft as language, soft as cinema.
Track Name: I Dare You To Leave
So sick and so close, folded up like I just got up
How summer stretched out on my bed
A lantern bought for my porch, a metal bucket for soil
And a house so full of toys

I dare you to leave, leave anytime

Throwing stones at crows, snapping bones in the backyard
Lift up the rake as you sing
In the shed she's asleep, leave her there until spring
It's a long hard haul that I'm left with.
Track Name: The Camera Birds
I am not the bird in the photograph
Caught in the flash, shot in the heart.
Track Name: Broken Golden Bells
The oldest year at the long hotel
Like days away, we never thought we'd stay
I was listening to the horror of the train
The engine and the breath and the weight
The saddest face, so silent as you fell
Like days until the time grew so late
I was hearing all the broken golden bells
The times that left us waiting by ourselves

The files we wrote and the words we stole
"Use science," they said, we have many different homes
We are nothing but grey and hopefully alone
We are nothing but grey and totally alone

The golden hands never wanted to shake
Like days we spent staying awake
I was hearing all the broken golden bells
The times that left us waiting by ourselves.
Track Name: I Asked Her To Build Me A Plane
Silver laced, this is only a place
Far away, another home painted grey
I asked her to build me a plane

River scene will seem to boil
Miles I see, another compass that never points for me
I asked her to build me a plane
It's always time to leave

Coded trail, I crawl inside
From this height I see the deserts and caves
I asked her to build me a plane
It's always time to leave.
Track Name: Soft Bungalows
Design my travel, a deathcar destination still unknown
The operation shows a broken arm and broken road
And stay out late
The airplanes need to know which way to go
And take a hint
Photograph me and I'll never ask for more

And soon the time will stay still like the summer
Like radio and soft bungalows

Sight the hotel, we've been hoping that it is still there
And drink all through the day
I'll be ruining myself this way, and I can't wait
I don't need to know which way to go
And take a hint
I'll be someone else this way.
Track Name: Camp
Honey combs and honey goes
Storm the hive, abandon hope
It's almost over, I know
Tall silhouettes of summer camp
Houses, haunts and heavy stamps
Your head is hurting this time

I thought I'd be there soon
I knew I'd be there late

Small picture frames of winter camp
Creeks and streams and fading lamps
It's aging slowly, you know
There's another ship inside to sink
Another time draws lines on you
Your face is bruised like mine

And now we're in the ruin.