Moss Pop, 2008​-​2013

by Twin Library

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17 songs in 26 minutes. Moss Pop gathers the shortest and sweetest Twin Library songs from 2008-2013, including one track from the forthcoming Autumn 2013 album. Every song is under two minutes!

And it's also available, in a very limited run, on cassette!

"Edmonton's Twin Library is a band I'm always happy to write about - they have a way with a guitar hook, affecting vocals (usually with plenty of reverb) and a lo-fi approach that has endeared them to me from the first time I heard them. To help introduce the world to their music and raise awareness ahead of a new album due out in the fall, they've made a retrospective compilation Moss Pop, 2008-13"
When You Motor Away, August 2013


released July 25, 2013



all rights reserved


No Museums Edmonton, Alberta

A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities. ... more

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Track Name: It's Snow, It's Dark
The messenger horse is wounded
The letter never sent
We've been in this for far too long
"Push on," they wrote. "Get old"

I'd like to get myself back

The wagon broke a spoke
We cannot take you in
We won't see each other again
It's snow, it's dark, get out.
Track Name: Shaking Hands
It's time to study, beneath the lamp light
Beneath the horrors of your town
Describe the furnace, shaking hands that warm us
The perimeter won't tighten anymore

It's mine to race it, shaking hands unsteady
From here on out it's all down hill.
Track Name: Why Did You Not Burn?
The blackened air, an evening with me
How long have you waited?
I've set up camp, is it broken hands
Or bricks being thrown?
How many files have you written on this
Why did you not burn?
I'm waiting for the first snow to melt
Why did you not burn?

I've struggled to bring something out of the cold
A microphone
Speak up your heart and let it ring
Are you waiting for my hold?
Or can it be I've forgotten to breathe
A mountain or a last rite
Now you've got damaging things on me.
Track Name: Closely Watched Trains
Out beyond the range
We've been moving towns again
Would you tell Holly that it's time to sleep
I brought some books but tonight
I prefer to just look

Out beyond the range
I'm counting miles and I'm counting stars
The dark blue hills don't seem as dark
I think it's almost dawn

Are we closely watched trains
Or does anyone even know that we're here?
Track Name: No Summer
The dark snow like a bird
The last written word and the sound of the heavy air
The hum of a holiday month
Like slower engines and softer seasons ahead

Breaking the black hearts
Breaking the black birds
There is no summer here
There is no sun
There is no time
There is no summer here.
Track Name: The Bell Horse
Along came some bell horse
Gathered in song on the lead gate
We've been waiting so long
Now they're ringing near town

Let me buy some poems
How much are they worth?
I haven't really the courage
To stand up close to the horse

I was wrong to bring you so far
Away from where you belong
I heard we were close to the border
Now they're ringing through town

Let me start some things over
How much am I worth?
I'll follow that train of bell horse
A trail in a dusty verse.
Track Name: A Country Heart
A rural love, a country heart
This sort of charm didn't even start
Remember the road, remember the drive
I think you thought I was someone else
Another friend, another friend
Another chance you wouldn't have to explain

Past the village and open farms
How can you say you didn't mean me harm?
Went for a walk with a country heart
You never told me what fell apart
Wasn't I a friend?
Wasn't that enough?
I was the friend you always left in the dark.
Track Name: The Surgery Never Left
Were you born like this, did it burn your hand
Did the hope of leaving never land
Where was the heart, was it a broken house
Was it a thought of missing someone else?

And the surgery never left

Are you bored with this, does it still attack
Does the thought of me still take you back
Where was the heart, was it a city dark
Was it falling bricks and forgotten parts?

And the surgery never left
And the films we played never left
And the hands we held never left
And the hearts we burned never left
Track Name: When I First Heard The Train
When I first heard the train I knew
A magician was now in training
If I could live up to my name
When I first heard the train I knew
A sister of mine was driving
If I could face up to you

When I first heard the train I knew
There was no point in hiding
If I could throw myself in I would
If I could do myself in I would.
Track Name: The Camera Birds
I am not the bird in the photograph
Caught in the flash, shot in the heart.
Track Name: An Engine Submerged
A view of ocean and earth
A terrainean coast
A rocky shoreline
A timberline near the sea
A wave towards the road
A mermaid sleeping on snow
A whitecap reaching the grey sand
An engine submerged

A motorway paved on foam
A starfish out in the cold
A death of me so alone
A view of ocean and earth
An engine submerged.
Track Name: Here Come Slow Ends
Here come slow ends
Soft as seasons, soft as yesterday
Here come slow ends
Soft as language, soft as cinema.
Track Name: The Dark Ships
The dark ships on the airstrip
Did you want to be the pilot?
The dark ships never let go
Working up from the ground

Where do you go when you're this low?

The dark ships in the long grass
Don't forget that I'm up here
You can't reach anything after
There is nothing even out there

And where would you want to fly to
If you could find the time?
The time is never leaving
You only came back alone

The dark ships often remember
The sound of the heavy air
It's time we should be leaving
There is nothing even out there.
Track Name: There's Nothing Out There
Once it began to snow a story I was told
Recording the highs and lows
Once it began to snow, lighting lanterns when it turned cold
Drifting smoke out of our mouths
Recording the highs and lows
Once it began to snow

And only woods and stars
And only beating hearts
There's nothing out there

I'm sending you into the sky, golden hands to write it down
Recording the highs and lows
You came back alone
You told me there's another view but nothing that's really true
Recording the highs and lows
You came back alone.
Track Name: The Mail Train
I'm clearing the snow off the tracks
I'm writing letters back home
Do the boys ever notice how long you've been alone?
The station seems so far back
I'm nothing but a mountain range
I'm nothing but a broken promise
I'm nothing but a worried mind

There'll be no mail train this year

This valley used to have a clear path
This engine used to have some coal
I take warmth in the ashes
Of the men who still have hope
I haven't spoken since the first snow
I haven't finished writing to you
I haven't lost track of lost time
I haven't told you the truth.
Track Name: Dark Maps
We're drawing our own dark maps
From pages torn in half
A homecoming is years away

The heavy drag of the snow
You came back alone
A homecoming from years ago

Like broken gold, the hardest road
The blackest lines, legends drawn out of time.