It Never Snows Around Here

by The Public Library

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    " indie-folk sound that is dark and inviting, with a bewitching sense of lo-fi minimalism that belies the sophistication of the songwriting and arrangements." Grant Stovel, CKUA Radio.

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#28 CIUT Toronto, March 17, 2009
#9 CJSR Edmonton, March 31, 2009
#23 CFBX Kamloops, April 7, 2009
#6 CJLY Nelson, March 16, 2010


released February 1, 2009



all rights reserved


No Museums Edmonton, Alberta

A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities. ... more

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Track Name: No Reason To Send Letters
Raised by wolves and the birds
Is this your awful truth, are you hard to beat?
I've sabotaged your last design
That one moment, was it a waste of time?

There's no flashlight of mine, no station down the line
No trading posts or wine
No reason to send letters

Your arctic hands are warming up
Heavy rivers flood, are you out of sight?
This subtle change unsettles us
We used to think of you, were you thinking too?
Track Name: A Haunted Typewriter
A haunted typewriter keeps on wording
Ghost marking ribbons when you're away
Dust on the keys you've deserted
Does it hurt you to write this way?

Long half-hearted endings
Ignoring the hands that are shaking

I reckon I'll show up in the morning
As you're reading the first page
I reckon I'll show up in the evening
As you're reading the final page

I thought once of writing
Books based only on letters never sent

Long past reading anything
I think we lost the plot and the words I forgot.
Track Name: The Hospital Library
No more missing bones, or hearts that fall away
We have room for all the darkness of blood and memory
No more missing bones

Working on the records of broken hearts and bones
I've read books on all the sad things that you know

Shelves lined with fingers like elves I have numbered
No more missing bones.
Track Name: A Country Heart
A rural love, a country heart
This sort of charm didn't even start
Remember the road, remember the drive
I think you thought I was someone else

Another friend, another friend
Another chance you wouldn't have to explain

Past the village and open farms
How can you say you didn't mean me harm?
Went for a walk with a country heart
You never told me what fell apart

Wasn't I a friend? Wasn't that enough?
I was the friend you always left in the dark.
Track Name: Hotel
And I will wait for you at the hotel
But will the hotel have you back?
So long ago you told me you weren't well
Was it the year, the song, or maybe the lack of

Anything left by the stove or the chair
Or the arms that will warm you up
The cameras and photos have promised each other to you

And when they speak of us as black eyes and bruises
Will you help me lie about the excuses?
So long ago I used pencils and letters
Now I'm drinking all the wine in the cellar

A movie, a book, a long instant and soft focused tear
A memory of stillness and sorrow and leaving it here
A history of nearness, a touch on my wrist from you
A sinister clearness, a message that you've missed me too.
Track Name: Hear From Me
This is the first thing you will hear
And I swear you'll hear from me again

This is the last thing you will hear
And you won't hear from me again.
Track Name: The Blue Petrol
Zero stars are hanging sweetly
Snowdrops dive from the dark skies
Zero stars are burning softly
In this mesh of blue petrol

Racer, lakeside, drive to some height
In the blue I smile with you
Hazel hands down crows in disguise
One hard love with winter eyes

Slanted cactus, breeze on the plains
Pebbles, peach and manta ray
Monday finds me soothing your cries
One hard love with winter eyes.
Track Name: Folks
You go outside and it's summer
You come back home and it's over
You wonder if it ever really changed
You remember well the first time
You can't remember the last time
I'm thinking it was probably the same

And folks around here never know
We're traveling light and slow
Forgetting that we're sometimes alone

I'm still thinking you left in an airplane
I'm drinking because you left, either way
How long will these ships keep on sinking?
I'm still thinking of leaving
I'm still thinking I'll stay

And folks around here never knew
I'm traveling only for you
The folks around here never knew.
Track Name: The Horror
We're broken together as thoughtless waves
Drawn from the same drifting drama of days
Hitting the shore I step away, that's where the horror lays
In homes built with broken bones

And it'll take long time before we we feel the break
It'll take a long time before we look away
It'll take a long time before we find the wreck
It'll take a long time for our bones to heal

It's true that the snow falls first for you
And lovely how the lanterns cast shapes in late afternoon
Hitting the book I look away, that's where the horror lays
In homes built with broken bones.
Track Name: A Tuneless Drone
Once I had old bones and died on the sea
I'm tired of stories and writing them down
Once there was nothing but wires and stones
I had a hand-me-down horse who was tired of home

Once I had sickness and books on the mind
A tiresome language and an old fashioned tuneless drone.