I Was A Worker And Now I'm Old

by No Museums

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Twin Library Recording Company presents the debut release by Edmonton's No Museums. Recorded, scorched and cracked in the summer of 2014.

The basement is the same as before. The lights are just reflecting into different corners.

I Was A Worker is supported by the Edmonton Arts Council and the City of Edmonton.

"My fingers are crossed that No Museums, a successor to Edmonton’s Twin Library, will forgive me if I’m not the first scribe to liken them to Guided By Voices. While no one can truly mimic Robert Pollard and Co. wholesale, No Museums’ scraggly splay of distortion, lo-fi ambience, and intermittent melancholia captures the quintessence of GBV’s Under the Bushes, Under the Stars epoch. That formula ebbs occasionally on the decidedly lucid 'Model Train Makers,' but I prefer NM’s more roughhewn tendencies, specifically those populating 'The Sport,' and 'National Dark Parks,' which embed just enough dirt and grit under the fingernails to make you wince in curious delight."
The Big Takeover, issue 75

"Though I’ve often hailed Twin Library for their economy of sound and songwriting, No Museums distills their essence even further by defining each instrument more sharply than before. The very definition of being “the same yet different”, No Museums feels like an advancement of where Twin Library was heading rather than a sharp left turn or about face"
Quick Before It Melts, October 2014

"There are all sorts of musical nods here, but I enjoy the band’s approach to craftsmanship; they’re creating this basement folk music with just hints of distortion that swell and build throughout. Definitely a nice touch. Enjoy your listening."
Austin Town Hall, September 2014

"Down and dirty classic indie garage rock for fans of The Jesus and Mary Chain, Pavement and Sonic Youth"
Deadly Music!, September 2014

"No Museums has mastered the alt-rock sound of the ‘90s – think of Pavement, or Built To Spill, and add a pinch of The Velvet Underground or The Jesus and Mary Chain"
Gray Owl Point, October 2014

#3 CJSR Edmonton, January 13, 2015
#14 CJAM Windsor, December 23, 2014
#5 CFBX Kamloops, November 25, 2014
#25 scop Toronto, November 25, 2014
#8 CFBU St. Catharines, October 21, 2014
#9 CFRC Kingston, October 21, 2014
#24 CKUT Montreal, October 21, 2014


released September 23, 2014



all rights reserved


No Museums Edmonton, Alberta

A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities. ... more

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Track Name: We Had Museums
I lost my history with you
I don't remember every year
I want the courage to fade away
I have a memory of a train
I have some things I'd like to change
I've wasted years on forgotten tracks
I thought I'd die always looking back

And you said I would and I knew I would
I'm fucked by the thought that I'm fucked that I'm gone

You were born while falling years ago
And died while following me through the snow
I was a worker and now I'm old
We had cotton fields and soft sloped hills
We had museums that were always filled
I was a worker and now I'm old
I thought I'd die always looking back
Track Name: Karluk
He shoots me down on the beach
Pushes me into the water
Leaving me low with no provisions
Once I thought we were good friends
I think of us now as bookends

White dogs gather like gravestones
I was pulled from a hole in the snow
A shipwreck camp on an ice floe
Once I thought there were hands to lend
I think of them now as frayed ends

I carried myself over ice leads
I said I'd make it but never believed
A frozen stove, no kerosene
Once I thought of horizons
I think of them now as lands ends

This island has no defined shoreline
I'm going blind in white light
I'm sure there'll be no search parties
Once I thought I'd be home again
I think of now the end
Track Name: The Sport
The ghosts of moments and lost stars
The last waves of the surf
An early morning drive
A way to see you without time
A still life framed in motion
Stay in the dark
Watch the film unfold
And talk about reasons when there are none

And talk about airports and your travel is no different than mine
The parallel lines, the speed and the sport
They change every time

There are towns here lower than last year
Stay in the light
Watch the day unfold
And think of the distances that we have seen

Think about motion and your travel is no different than mine
A station inside, the darkening sport
They change every time
Track Name: Engine Parts
The torn frame of an airplane
A heavy landing
Leave a country alone
Without a hold and so cold
And the devil has placed arrows
Where I have not
That was a sweet mystery
But this is murder

I don't care what happens to you
The darker driver is on the loose

Lost in open space
Found through reflectors aimed lightly
A new constellation on the ground
We call it engine parts

I don't care what happens to you
The darker driver is on the loose
The darker driver will make it through
The darker driver remains
The engine flew apart not far away
Track Name: The Mountain Slowing Down
Let's split out and over
The popular land rovers
Are heading out along the path
We're heading out, it'll never last

The lower broken river
The population shivered
And the hunt has just begun
Summer burns out the hearts of everyone

A deeper torch tonight
And a lonesome mountain slowing down

Let's split out the timber
I'll probably never remember
My head hung from another month
Another hunt for another opening
Track Name: Model Train Makers
He was still on the shore
With a face shattered in glass
All the time we were wasting
All the times we were wild
They were burning out lights
While the engineers were asleep
All the model train makers
And all the wilderness that we need
All the crimes we were facing
All the times we were wild

She was hanging her hands
High off the workers home
All the hope we've been building
All the hope that's been thrown
All the minds we were been losing
All the times we were wild

And now it's been decided
And we're all going away
And we'd rather just be still now
We'd all rather be still now
Track Name: National Dark Parks
The national dark parks
The workers here are lost
I'm on another team
The trails are faster
I remember last year
I'm blackening the snow

And burning out the ones who break away
The golden guns, the blood, the rope, the days
And death to the ones below

The new science centre
The old repeating winter
The slowest coldest shot
The perimeter still tries
To get the balance right
And memory like a knife

And turning out the ones with low display
The golden suns, the hands, the heavy face
And death to the ones below
And death to the ones I know

The national dark parks
No distance to the frost
I'm blackening the snow