Historical Tumblers

by Twin Library

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The Historical Tumblers album was recorded between October 2013 and March 2014, with time off for holidays. This album may be downloaded at any cost you wish to pay. Thank you.

"It is ridiculous how talented, and yet so underrated Twin Library are. Is it because they don’t push the PR machine they way lesser bands do? Is it because there’s a glut of musicians out there making so much noise that ace tracks like 'Right Around The Wrong Time' never get their due? 'Swallows' is barely long enough to be a song, yet it perfectly encapsulates it’s lyrics: 'And when it ends does it ever end/it never begins'. I often remark about how not a single moment or note is wasted on Twin Library records; with Historical Tumblers, it’s not their musical efficiency that impresses me, it’s the way that this album draws me into repeated listens. It’s not because a single play though isn’t satisfying in its own right, but because my thirst for Twin Library’s sound cannot be quenched."
Quick Before It Melts, April 2014

"...really compelling indie pop produced through lo-fi engines like only a veteran group can... at times chiming with tough rhythms, and at other moments, quite content to let bittersweet melodies drip slowly, note by note, the album bridges the space between anti-folk and bedroom rock... there’s a lot of life in Historical Tumblers. It feels like a record made by folks that love the multiple effects that sound can bring to listeners. Subtle touches are all over the album. Touch it for yourself, and see what all the fuss is about."
Grayowl Point, April 2014

"There are so many bands writing creative music today, that it’s quite nearly impossible to get to hear them all. With that in mind, I’d like to remind you about the Canadian act, Twin Library. I’ve written about the group before, and as I’m always stalking my favorites, I was made aware that they’ve just put up a great new album, Historical Tumblers. Personally, this track is one of my favorites on the record, though it’s also one of the shorter numbers; it’s a very simple bit of melody that draws me in every time."
Austin Town Hall, April 2014

#2 scop, Toronto, July 15, 2014
#10 CFBX Kamloops, July 8, 2014
#18 CJAM, Windsor, June 10, 2014
#1 CFBU, St. Catharines, May 13, 2014
#4 CJSR, Edmonton, May 13, 2014
#20 CFMH, Saint John, May 6, 2014


released April 22, 2014

All songs written, recorded and released by Twin Library.



all rights reserved


No Museums Edmonton, Alberta

A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities. ... more

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Track Name: The Southpaw Boys
There are always gaps where they heal the bones
Like empty homes
Along the line like teeth and spine
Where nobody goes
The trains all stopped when they heard the attack
And we started to pack
I'm from a time of wood and twine
And staying indoors

The southpaw boys and the autumn girls
The murmuring of the heart's delay

There are always traps if you stay too long
I never stay that long
And now it's mine, I think it's fine
We continue to float
The tiny friends and the mounted heads
I won't see you again
I'm from a time of frozen finds
And forgotten words

The southpaw boys and the autumn girls
The darkening of the heart's display

The southpaw boys and the autumn girls
The lowering of the heart.
Track Name: Kick It Apart
"Kick it apart and keep it dark," I said
A brick in the head, I'm thinking I'll go away
I'm staying out late, I'm sharpening blades for you
"Kick it apart and keep it dark," I said

"Kick it apart and keep it dark," I said
So sick and so close, I'm staying indoors
I'm straining my throat, I'm tightening ropes for you
"Kick it apart and keep it dark," I said.
Track Name: Swallows
All the history tumbles
Falling from towers
Falling like swallows near the banks
And when it floods
Will it ever flood?

You slept in the old home
A hotel of whale bones
Breaking like swallows near the shore
And when they dive
Do they really dive
Do they leave the air
Are you open to leaving
Or too old to care?

I fought towards you thought no more
Will we leave this home is warm like I am worn out doors is fine

Over and out under weather
I'm starting to wander
Watching swallows near the end
And when it ends does it ever end
It never begins
Are we open to leaving
Or just following?
Track Name: A Cruel Rodeo
A cruel rodeo was hoping to break your heart
Apart from the hands and the horse out on the road
And friends from back home will never really get old
As winter and death are let loose out in the cold

And did you even know?

An overgrown trail is a dark face without truth
An underground rifle with its very own trigger blues
And what would you think if I helped you off of your past?
At last we've found a motel to match the bruise

And did you even know?

A cruel rodeo was hoping to say hello
I speak through a pony when I feel like closing the show
And I think about foreign shores when I see a boat
A north star next to another that's burning out.
Track Name: Faster Lanterns
A version, an album slows
A soft light, a winter coat
And I'm cold

And faster than lanterns
And lovelier than knives

Are there ghosts in my ear
Are they even here?
Summer ended an hour ago
Keep the fire from the tents.
Track Name: Decades In The Dead Museum
Drop the golden horse and draw
Right around the lines with southpaw

Decades in the dead museum
Historical tumblers have years left to hang

Release the second moon and hide
We continue to float, they continue to dive
When the past becomes a hope you're left behind
They continue to float, we continue to dive

Decades in the dead museum
Historical tumblers aren't even real

No systems, no systems here.
Track Name: Warmer Skeletons
All the humming lights and all the knives
Belonging to the ones who need more time

All the warmer skeletons are lost
No more arrows, no more heights
I've fallen for the folk who always knew
Have you fallen too?

All the archivists have seen your notes
Promise me they will never cut my throat

All the warmer skeletons are close
We need more mountains, we need more caves
And every ghost saw through all of our plans
They read our hands

All the warmer skeletons are gone
Tell me that the folk are all alone.
Track Name: It's Heavy Here
Before we take the national
Your anthem through a broken wire
The speakers caught the last train home
We lost each other and they hit the heart again

We wear vests and we go straight in
It's heavy here, you know
We take long breath, fall out of depth
It's heavy here, you know

There are more arrows than we could draw
And fewer reasons to throw it all away
To leave it here and drone all you know
The kids in the village and the men who stack the boats

When we return I'll wonder why we left here so soon
When they return I'll remember why we left here so soon.
Track Name: Right Around The Wrong Time
If I've ever been right about something
This isn't the right time
To be drawing broken lines and calling them spines
Are you waiting at the station
Can you hear your footsteps fading?
Right around the wrong time
Right about now you're a ghost

It's alright with me if you've lost your fear
Can you hear that lonesome self you thought you'd killed?

And while the time was breaking
Your hold on keeping still
The time was still breaking
If I've ever been right about something
This isn't the right time
Right around the wrong time
Right about now you're a ghost.
Track Name: The Strangest House
I will stay at the machine
Will you wait for me?
I'm full up on centuries
The strangest house I've seen

What do they mean?