Frightening Camera

by No Museums

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Recorded April - July 2015

"The enigmatic No Museums (I still don’t know who he is) puts out his second full album of material this year. It’s a good thing that his alternative folk music tends to be light, even gentle at times, given the rather grim nature of the lyrics. With song titles like 'Awful Things' and 'This Sad Downfall' it is no surprise that his outlook on the world is a dark one (hence it is a frightening camera?). But intelligent vision is a light in the darkness, and thus the prose here is an endless source of encouragement. 'I Walk With a Fox, for example is intriguing. With the line, 'When the lightship goes silent/We move still further away', is the implication that we are moving further away from nature? Or is it something else? Reason? The spiritual world? Compassion? Perhaps it’s all of these things and more. Point is, it’s inspiring to have lyrics that you can delve into and contemplate."
Ride The Tempo, December 2015

#9 CHMA Sackville, December 15, 2015
#7 CFBU St. Catharines, December 8, 2015
#16 CFBX Kamloops, November 10, 2015
#12 CHSR Fredericton, November 3, 2015
#17 CJAM Windsor, October 6, 2015
#20 CJSW Calgary, October 6, 2015


released September 1, 2015



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No Museums Edmonton, Alberta

A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities. ... more

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Track Name: Greenland
This time we'll stay awake until we're driven away
The lowland and the long grass, the rusted gate
Every engine in the valley, all the airplanes we don't fly
The highway keeps leaving ghost ships behind

And if I see you first you'll never know
This time it's not going to happen

Every engine in the valley vanished in time
And the airplanes left waiting with no one inside
The highway and the greenland are drifting apart
And the drift of your focus like motors that won't start

And if I see you first you'll never know
This time it's not going to happen

The wires that we're using lost tension in the night
Now the only way to reach me is through angled light
In the clouds always forming disappear so many pilots
And magicians in the desert claim to have heard a sound

And if I see you first you'll never know
This time I know it's going to happen
Track Name: The Last Blackeye
We move into the dark
Losing touch with all the lights
I'm looking for a broken branch
And reach for the folded map
We move out into the land
Of course I know the road
Of course I lose my cool
Off course when nothing stays still

I watch the heavy frost recoil
I watch the slow spiders crawl
We were the last ones, we were the last

My eyes so easily bruise
My face always falls
We move through a darker lodge
Losing track of old times

I've spent some time breaking down
I've spent some time losing mind
We were the last ones, we were the last

And I don't have you on film but I know you were there
And I have tried to make you mine but you don't care

And I lost this camera, I lost some teeth
I lost my breath trapped underneath
We were the last ones, we were the last
Track Name: I'm Passing Through
It will never change
We don't care if it changes
I've got no remains
Leave me rotting and drag this
Open ended movement to an end

They try so hard all the time
It doesn't even make sense
The perimeter aligns
And the thoughts of decline only steepen

The microphones will decide
If you're alone when you die
Will you be alone when you die?
When you're alone you will die

I'm passing through
I'm passing over
I'm passing away
Track Name: I Walk With A Fox
I walk with a fox
And it's not hard to be artless
I'm always losing on the repeat

When the lightship goes silent
We move still further away

When the rangers leave stations
We move still further away

When the softer seasons harden
We move still further away
Track Name: Hum
I'm cut
The bloodlines now breathe
The wavering history
The sunken houses and the drunken teams

Hang 10
The broken bones of the sea
The whispering of the dream
The darkest glass and the slightest touch

And we will hum
Track Name: This Sad Downfall
I feel everything east could slide
And I don't think I'd mind
These things I've left behind
These friends I've thrown aside

And I won't pretend
A living space is a dream
This time I aim to leave
I'll touch the end of time for you
But all that follows is mine

I know everyone east is fried
I no longer see their shine
Truly I've never tried
Or cared to let them inside

And I won't pretend
My time is almost spent
This time I aim to leave
I'll reach the end of land for you
But all that follows is mine

And I won't pretend
This sad downfall has an end
I know I'll never leave
I'll break the line of time for you
But all that follows is mine

On the edge of a curve
The lower angles burn
Track Name: Awful Things
A blackened house
I'm back in town
The lanterns that once were hung
Now frame the path I walk along

I was laying low
I'm no one you know
The crows have learned to sing in tune
An awful song in afternoon

No unlocked doors
No wagons race
Up the street with such good news
I just can't wait, I know it's true

You've turned your coat
Up against your throat
And so I pull my hat down low
And think of things from long ago

At the summer lake
At the winter fair
Your face was bare and open to
All the things I offered you

Like ribbons for your hair
From last years catalogue
I'll chop you down a golden tree
From forests full of awful things
Track Name: The Lake
Lost track of time in the lake
I thought I'd be there soon
I knew I'd be there late
Lost track of the time where the time ain't straight
In the lake

Last night we stayed awake
Locked inside a room
Yet I knew I could escape
Lost track of time where the time slipped away
In the lake