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    "Canadian obscurity troupe Twin Library/The Public Library’s latest release’s, 'Folkrecorder,' is an interesting calamity of lo-fi pop in a variety of styles. The obvious touchstones include the laconic haze of New Zealand’s Clean, a pristine shimmer of C86 groups-a-plenty (Field Mice, Razorcuts, St. Christopher) and the prickly slacker verve of the 90s, though clear rays of vivid originality break through the cloudy gloom of an all too encumbered musical market. Mini-pop masterpieces such as 'The United Corpse,' 'Hoping I’ll Try Again' and 'A Town Like This' all heave with a twitchy anxiety similar only to anticipating the sexual act and waiting for the bell to ring just before summer vacation"
    The Big Takeover, issue 68

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Folkrecorder. Released in September 2010, this album features five new songs and serves as a companion piece to The Public Library’s May 2010 release, also known as Folkrecorder.

#5 CJSR Edmonton, November 16, 2010
#25 CJSW Calgary, November 23, 2010
#26 CHRY North York, December 7, 2010
#23 CFBX Kamloops, January 11, 2011
#1 CKXU Lethbridge, February 1, 2011
#14 CICK Smithers, April 5, 2011


released September 17, 2010



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No Museums Edmonton, Alberta

A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities. ... more

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Track Name: Closely Watched Trains
Out beyond the range
We've been moving towns again
Would you tell Holly that it's time to sleep
I brought some books but tonight
I prefer to just look

Out beyond the range
I'm counting miles and I'm counting stars
The dark blue hills don't seem as dark
I think it's almost dawn

Are we closely watched trains
Or does anyone even know that we're here?
Track Name: Heavy Houses
A last race for the dark horse
And holding hands to see him off
There's little hope in leaving, and often times I remember
These tender folk have hardened
Like phantoms in heavy houses
Hanging bones at weddings
These timeless folk are breaking

And we will all lose our breath
As the waves of this town break

A last race almost frozen
Hand me the rope and I'll tie it off
Write this down, "Are you spoken for?"
Read it aloud as we reach the shore

At last we've found an ending
A slow design or a loss of time

A last race for the dark horse
Silent and soft and half asleep
Like knowing that it's drowning
Off the coast and broken.
Track Name: The Snow Blurred
"The weather light is alright"
She told me as it started to snow
And the time is not always the same
The engines creaked as we hit top speed
The snow blurred and my fingers froze

When you land on the side of that old wooden fort
The fire in the place will have gone out
With the lights around the town

It's not the beach that I've seen in my dreams
Nor the stones that cuddle alone
Down by the scene where I view all that views me
I'm so finely tuned inside, radio gangs gather and die
And the time is not always the same

When you land on the side of that frozen submarine
The dolphins in the air will all dive
With the rain coming down
Down by the scene where I view all that views me.
Track Name: Hoping I'll Try Again
We are investigating the time
A broken jaw lined up with the spine
A corner store with a beaded door
A movie house without encores
An extra key stored in a drawer

We are investigating the time
A broken finger draws a broken line
A hunting trip in the backyard
A memory of trying too hard
A sudden sense of everything that's gone

With all the knives sharpened
Here's hoping I will try again
With all the dials pointed
Here's hoping I will try again

We are investigating the time
A broken heart that wasn't mine
A smoke signal that's heading home
A love letter by telephone
A chance to join ends up alone.
Track Name: I Won't Mind
If you fall asleep in my warm bed
Keep me awake with your dreaming head
I won't mind

If you wake up and I'm not there
And you think I'm away because I don't care
I don't care.