by No Museums

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Recorded September - December 2015 in Edmonton, Canada

#19 CJAM Windsor, June 14, 2016
#3 CICK Smithers, May 24, 2016
#15 CJSR Edmonton, April 5, 2016

"A keen ear for melody and a penchant for mushing up fuzzy guitar licks...Darkening, with its blend of foggy guitar haze, crystalline acoustic melodies, and brooding lyricism, is No Museums’ most dynamic album to date...
Quick Before It Melts, March 2016


released March 11, 2016



all rights reserved


No Museums Edmonton, Alberta

A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities. ... more

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Track Name: Whales
The ocean slows down
We've aged like the darker whales
The ice on the land
They tried to bust my hand
Those fuckers in the snow
Black hearts and frozen gold
The fingers underneath
Like a winter over leaves
The fingers of folk tales
Have aged like the darker whales
Track Name: Stationing Out
The hardest core inside
The brutal head of design
The modern lines, the movement, and the miles
I'm stationing out and out

Like rifles through dark windows
Hoping to make it last
Not yet to leave the room but soon you will know
I'm stationing out and out

They never really left a mark
The bruises weren't really that dark
I'm nothing but the slightest touch
I'm stationing out and out

And the time will slow
Track Name: The Royal Lights
Your teeth turned black
Darkened by a low attack
And then the royal lights turned off
Abandoning the raft
There's nothing left
My blood is motionless
And then the royal lights turned off
The phantom killed the king

I've always had an extra beat
If I'm not keeping time hit me again

What do you miss down there?
Is there anyone?
And then the royal lights turned off
And still we just don't care
Track Name: Nightfall
Deeply tired, waiting to be taken
It's only time and this is what you asked for
Stare at the sky that reaches through the dark
And leap to a height, leap to a height
Be a new star

Hung out at my house waiting word from the moon
Planets rise, I shed my disguise
And soon it will all come true
Reach for the heights, reach for the heights
Claim a new zone

And when it's time to come around
You won't be there

I've waited through nightfall while water reaches the sky
Where's the land that once gave ground where I stand?
You slip through the space that remains between the stars
And speed through the heights, speed through the heights
Speak of new sights

And when it's time for you to be found
Nobody cares
And when it's time to make a sound
Nobody hears

Listen to me now, why don't you?
Track Name: The Slightest Touch
Something about the time feels wrong to me
Sometimes I feel that things aren't worth the time
The sky was filled with shapes that flew from the sun
All the thoughts you haunted were mine

I know you tried to reach a deeper core
But the words you wrote mean nothing anymore
I heard that you had planned to see it through
But when the time arrived I guess I kind of knew

And landing here I know I've had too much
The time I've spent is wasted at the slightest touch
As I watch the camera view I feel no chill
I can hear the house exploding yet the screen is still

I know you tried to reach the furthest shore
But the lines you draw don't tighten anymore
I thought you'd want to catch everything I threw
But when the time arrived I guess I kind of knew

Freeze me in time when the time passes through
And the summer hand turns to a winter tooth
Breaking a bone like the memory is not true
The summer hand turns to a winter tooth

Somethings that were soft now appear to hurt
Sometimes I think that things aren't worth the time
Track Name: Mission
Closing down the mission
Planets hung expanding
Beads of stars are nothing beyond smokey rings
Hunters that were once here
Hand me over like a novel
I'm not reaching for anything
I'm not writing an ending

And Captain Monday handles construction
The fingers keep drawing my name in space
Hunters that were once here
Now only find collapse
And at the centre of it all
There's still more left to be

Closing down the mission
The hunters lose their aim
The line has splintered and fallen to my side
The sleepy ones all murmured
Just before the launch
"Remember how it goes on
So far you'll think you've stopped"
Track Name: Those Fuckers In The Snow
No more trains remain
Does your blood still stain?
I left my mark upon the heart
On the very last beat
To the path
To the park
Does your head still fall apart?
Like a shattered sound?

I was born of gold
I was born of stone
Another burning home
Another frozen bone
Those fuckers in the snow
Track Name: Have You Got A Race Car?
You must be leaving
I've seen your photos
And it's been so long since you last hung one up
Have you got a race car?
Have you just fueled up?
Have you been reading roadmaps?
Am I fast enough?

I've designed a homecoming
I've recorded some sounds
I never claimed to you that I never fumbled around
I've designed a hive, boy
A speaker of honeycombs
This isn't folklore
I don't tell those tales anymore

And we're freezing our hands
We're darkening dirt
We're sharpening stories
Yet repeating the old lines

We're building houses
That aren't meant to last
You raced so madly
You erased the past
Have you got a race car?
Are you just fed up?
This isn't folklore
I don't think those thoughts anymore
Track Name: A Fire Alarm
And it's been ages
I've been designing pages
You've been acting on stages
It's been ages
You sent me letters
I sent you letters
It tore me to tear them up

I broke a promise to keep some distance this time
A fire alarm went through the town last night

And it's been tiring
Jane said she's tired of waiting
I've been doing the driving
It's been tiring
Changing the film in cameras
Visiting every small town

We'll get there someday
But I don't know when
The car broke down again

And it's been ages
There's nothing but downhills
And I'm braced for it
Track Name: The Perimeter Nation
I'm pulling out of memory
Lost my will for injury
I've given my strength so easily
It's the struggle I thought I used to need

I've got guns here

The gravity keeps us heading west
Falling through another collapse
We're distantly hanging from the dust
So far apart yet never lost

I've got guns here

They built the motion around vapour trails
Hung against smoking sails
The perimeter nation never changes day
And the compass will only point one way
Track Name: This Shore
This shore
Is it long, has it similar stones
Do you remember?
This shore
Will we be there when it changes
Will I walk far?
This shore
It'll happen, I know the depth
You don't and I still go
This shore

This shore moves from a last rite
And past me into an ending
Why can't you see?

This shore
Shaking hands, abandoning plans
For something new
This shore
The same words I always say to you
This shore